Golden Girl is the modern woman’s guide to finance. Founders Susan L. Misner & Laura J. McDonald engaged a sold out audience January 16th at the Berkeley Fieldhouse.

“When Fiorella Figari and Michelle Garraway – two very driven and engaging young women – approached us about speaking to their friends, family and colleagues at an event inspired by this article, we felt passionate about taking them up on this offer to connect with a very influential group of young women for whom the stock market is of keen interest, yet still remains somewhat out of reach.” said Susan Misner, Co-Founder & Publisher of

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The Golden Girl team have written a best selling book ‘It’s Your Money Honey’ and are coming out with their new book ’10 Ways to Stay Broke Forever’. The team has a dynamic approach to disseminating financial know-how to women. “Clearly, we saw the need for a non-biased forum where women could talk to other women about finance, investing, and the market: finance for women by women. An approachable source that would appreciate women’s unique challenges and address the life stages that women go through.” It’s Your Money Honey makes critical information accessible to women in a format that is compelling and exciting!

Filmed at Berkeley Church by Paul McNulty

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Robyn K. Thompson founder, Castlemark Wealth For Her discussed the six secrets of financial success every woman should know.

Venue for presenatation: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Filmed at Berkeley Church by Paul McNulty

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