On June 4th, 2013, a fresh springtime evening at the Berkeley Church event venue Toronto on Queen Street East in Toronto was brimming with philanthropically infused energy and several hundred elegant patrons as the 42nd President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton, graced the stage for an inspirational and thought provoking talk about the great challenges facing our generation and threatening our survival in the 21st Century and beyond. https://goo.gl/g8NPsx

CLINTON 5atberkelychurch

The evening was introduced by Honorary Ambassador Rachel McAdams who spoke eloquently about the role a global city like Toronto can play in the future health of the planet.

CLINTON 4at berkeleychurch

The President was a magnetic speaker who effused at once an accessible air, humbled by the enthusiastic reception, while still larger than life by virtue of the fact that he is Bill Clinton.

CLINTON 3at berkeleychurch

He presented grand yet simple ideas in paragraphs, flowing, encouraging, deliberate. He reflected on the opportunities his life has afforded him and reminded all in attendance of their interdependence through his reference of E.O. Wilson’s last work “The Social Conquest of Earth” and lessons that the devastation the recent earthquake in Haiti has reinforced regarding the fundamental state of inequality that persists in today’s world.

CLINTON 6 at berkeleychurch

The President highlighted the work and opportunities that are presented to each of us each day, to make a small changes that make a difference.

CLINTON 2at berkeleychurch

The President was followed by a set of music by Tegan and Sara, playing songs from their new record Heartthrob.

Venue: Berkeley Church

iPhone pictures by Paul McNulty