As part of Luminato 2012 Lancôme invites you to experience the live work of Canadian artist Corno @airship37


As a Canadian artist exhibiting internationally, Corno has developed a signature style that is both high-energy and expressionistic. In a loft-style party, Corno’s dynamic style inspires a daylong event of live painting, performance art and music called SOON IS NOW. Using bold colours and textures, her contemporary style superimposes itself over underlying figurative details. Her work often incorporates luscious, playful and audacious female figures. Originally from the province of Quebec, she moved to New York in the 1990s. Since then, her work has been featured in the major art capitals around the world, from Paris and London to Shanghai, Hong Kong and now Toronto.



“There are five, each of them consisting of two 6′-by-5′ canvases. They’re stunning, all five are–Corno has painted the face of a woman on the left canvas, and an abstract on the right. Richard Soren, himself a painter, explains that Corno uses a thin acrylic paint. All five of the paintings were at first photographs, and were then colourized “with paint thin enough that the photo still shows true,” Soren says. The model in the photos, Corno will say, is “a friend of mine.” Each painting has a different colour palette–red, purple, blue, yellow and green. The colours are bold and vibrant, especially in contrast to the white walls, floor and clothes of the two mannequins. Again, such contrast works well.”




Corno transformed Airship37 in Toronto’s Distillery District with an intense shock of colour that felt like a crayon box had exploded. Fun, random, spontaneous and indicative of the unexpected you can always expect to find with Luminato.


Venue: airship37

Photography: Paul McNulty