There is a trend right now in events to personalize the experience and to put a little more of yourself into your event with your choice of decor. Have you experienced this among Leslieville Flea enthusiasts.

We definitely cater to and attract those people who like to stand apart from the crowd. Personal style and putting your own stamp on things is so important now in this age of mass produced and impersonal objects. Our enthusiasts love to find that unique item that speaks to them and reflects their individuality and that they know no one else will have. Even just one incredible unique piece can personalize your home or wardrobe. People love to show off their personality and individual style and shopping for all the truly unique items we have at The Leslieville Flea is an easy way to achieve that.


Kate Hardy Florals… by Nanne Springer


L&A Vintage

If someone is planning an event and wants to be “hands on” with their decor how can a trip to the Leslieville Flea be a helpful experience.

One of the best things (and there are many) about taking a trip to The Leslieville Flea is that you get to meet and interact with the people who have searched, collected or made the items there. They know the history behind each piece and can tell a story about them. The best way to be hands on for your event is to be part of selecting all the small things that go into making that event great. Seeing all the unique and amazing finds at our Flea Market gives people a chance to see all the possibilities out there and make great choices for the event to stand out.


cool cabin5




Shes-Crafty  photo by nanne springer photography


Shes-Crafty photo by nanne springer photography

It’s interesting that a lot of the vendors being “collectors” have a great visual eye for selecting unique items combined with an experienced sense of how thing fit together. Have you experienced this with your vendors?

Our vendors are absolutely the best. It’s amazing to see them show up eagerly on the day of the Leslieville Flea…unpack their wares and then set them up in a striking and attractive display. They all take great pride in the items they’ve either found, collected or made and it shows in their presentation.


Fair Judy’s Antiques and Curiosities


Joan Hutton

The Leslieville Flea is relocating what do you foresee for your flea in the new year?

The Leslieville Flea has grown so quickly and been so well received. We are very excited to move to the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District. The space is large enough to accomodate us and is a gorgeous backdrop to our event.

We see the Leslieville Flea growing to accomodate even more amazing vendors and visitors but always maintaining our high standards and excellent quality and variety in products and vendors. We always strive to be the best resource for vintage, salvage and handcrafted items.


Thanks so much Leslieville Flea

upcoming dates for the Lesliville Flea are Sunday Jan 19, 10-5 Sunday Feb 23, 10-5 Sunday March 16, 10-5 Sunday April 20, 10-5

SUNDAY, FEB 23rd 2014
SUNDAY, MAR 16th 2014
SUNDAY, APR 20th 2014