The vision for SheEO is to build a  network of “next generation” of creators, makers and entrepreneurs supported by and funded by successful women and men who recognize the need for new models, new mindsets and new solutions to build a better world. SheEO mentors, guides and accelerates women-led ventures on their own terms.”

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During the evening #SheEO celebrated  women who have done it their own way including: Valerie Fox, Gerry Mabin, Silken Laumann, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Victoria Sopik, Michelle Scarborough.

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The evening was packed with insightful talks and take away solid leads on how to head in your right direction. Gerry Mabin: be passionate about what you believe it. Go for it. #SheEOPremiere ….Valerie Fox: Bring your best self to the table and make it count #SheEOPremiere…..”Let’s all be strong, vulnerable, feminine and willing to support one another” – Silken Laumann #SheEOPremiere

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The purple carpet event was by all accounts inspirational, motivating and enjoyable on every level.

see some highlight tweets from the evening

Carissa Gilmore @carissatph  ·  May 26

Amazing event- trying to scoop up the wisdom in this room so I can take it with me! #sheeo

SheEO @IamASheEO  ·  May 26

Our SheEOs walk the carpet. Can you feel the excitement? #SheEOPremiere

Jam Gamble@MsJamPccs

HOLY INSPIRATION! I am soaking it all up like a sponge. Thank you @vickis for creating @IamASheEO. Women in business are grateful.

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Guests were in for an elegant night including SheEO presentation, food stations, cocktails, silent auction, champagne toast and more. The proceeds from this evening went to support our SheEO cohorts, monthly SheEO mixers, online mentorship and the development of a fund which will be launched in the fall.

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Venue:Berkeley Church

Photographer : Paul McNulty