The Zulu Alpha Kilo agency had its holiday party at The Berkeley Fieldhouse. It was an awe inspiring tribute to the creative spirit. The venue was transformed into an enchanted world of surprise filled daring feats of fun.

Zula alpha kilo at Berkeley FIeldhouse.6 copy

Zula alpha kilo at Berkeley FIeldhouse.2 copy

Zulu Alpha Kilo is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in July 2008 by Creative Director Zak Mroueh. Everyone in the company belongs to one company-wide creative group and free-spirited, collaborative ideation is one of the agency’s core principles. The World needs more creativity.

Zula alpha kilo at Berkeley FIeldhouse.5

The Zulu team put their very own superstar creatives into the vintage circus posters that covered the walls and place cards. How fun to see yourself riding an elephant or dodging knives. The fortune teller present at the event no doubt could see lots of creative ingenuity emerging from the Zulu Alpha team in the coming year.

Zula alpha kilo at Berkeley FIeldhouse.4

Zula alpha kilo at Berkeley FIeldhouse.1 copy

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Photography : Joulie Wheler