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Elevator Communications set up in event space Toronto Berkeley Fieldhouse to produce the natural cosmetic producer Weleda organize and realize the launch of its new “Evening Primrose” care series.  Guests included lifestyle bloggers, the media and skin care specialists who got a chance to  know the brand new series for mature skin.




The event titled “Blooming with Age” was a Evening Primrose Age Rivitalizing Face and Body Care Launch.


Berkeley Catering created a nourishing meal for the guests including Soy-dipped roasted Cornish hen in miso and magnolia leaf broth.


The Berkeley Fieldhouse was warm, vibrant and the natural beautiful decor elements highlighted Weleda’s commitment to “A tradition for more than nine decades: careful management of the environment. Weleda states that if sustainability is “in” , then we’ve been “in” since 1821.


The preciousness of the natural elements used in the Weleda products was accentuated by the delicately curated displays.



Earlier this year the “Evening Primrose” was introduced as a new Weleda leading plant . “The Evening Primrose is called nach, a very special characteristic of hers: the blossom of the nocturnal hours are planning during the night, when other plants close and hide their petals. Just like the evening primrose’s precious petals unfold during the night, the active ingredients plans unfold the luminous powers of mature skin.” http://sieben-siebzig.de/en/mit-weleda-wien/




Guests were offered a sneak peek at products to revitalize their skin day and night with Weleda products.


Weleda states in the coming season “It’s all about regenerating and renewing the skin.” The atmosphere in the Berkeley Fieldhouse reflected this theme of renewal with softly lit candles, natural plants and warm natural hues in the decor elements.



“Weleda sources the finest ingredients from specially selected, Biodynamic® and organic farms to produce health-enhancing herbal and homoeopathic formulas and exquisite body care products. We remain committed to a holistic approach of producing products completely free of synthetic preservatives (including parabens), fragrances, colours, mineral oils and emulsifying agents. This commitment to the environment came through thematically in the gardening, natural farming decor elements.” weleda.com



Berkeley Fieldhouse with its high ceilings, beautiful chandeliers and wide open concept space and was a good fit for the rustic display elements at the Weleda launch.



Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Catering : Berkeley Catering

Products and Host : Weleda

Event Production and Public Relations : Elevator Communications