The wedding of Carly and Paula at Airship37 was a themed wedding with film and theatre motifs. What considerations did you make in your photography to accentuate the themes?

I loved the film/theatre theme they were going for so I felt I wanted it to feel like a movie premiere, especially when getting towards the reception.

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How did you utilize Airship37 as a venue to highlight the beauty of this wedding? 

Airship 37 has a completely different feel during the day and during the evening and we used it both ways. During the ceremony the soft light and white walls made a very light soft feel for the romantic ceremony. During the evening, with the up lighting I thought it was suited a harder light almost like a spotlight.

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The lovely shot in the Gooderham Lounge of Airship37 could be a still from a film noir movie – (minus the plot angst). How did you stage this shot?

I always like to show off some unique aspect of the venue and the sign and chandelier in the Gooderham Lounge really caught my attention. The key here was not having the camera flash interfere with the amazing golden ambience provided by the chandelier and sign lighting. By using an off camera flash that was focus to just light the couple I think we achieved it!

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Which photograph would you use to make a movie poster of this wedding?

I would have to say the shot on the red carpet. It not only sums of the theme of the day, I think it shows them exactly how they are and really shows the love they have for each other.

 airship37- toronto wedding- toronto venue.19

The striking outdoor shot of the couple at Airship37 at nighttime has the feeling of a gala film event. What was your thinking behind this image?

My thinking was to do exactly as you said, emulate a red carpet gala. I knew I wanted to show the couple with dramatic light in the evening and I love the sparkle of the backlighting almost as if someone else was photographing as well and you caught their flash. I also loved the way the hanging lights added an even more Hollywood feel.

Given the open industrial setting of Airship37, what was the thinking behind photographing the ceremony at Airship37?

Carly and Paula loved the literal and figurative ‘carte blanche’ of Airship 37. With only very simple décor, they made it their own.

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There are some lovely pictures of Carly and Paula walking through the neighbourhood that have such an easy natural feel to them while still noting the importance of the day. How did you achieve this balance?

The key to my more candid shots is to provide gentle direction ensuring the light and pose look great while also making sure they have a natural feel and tell the story of the day. This is the heart of wedding photography to me and something I constantly strive to do better and better.

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The reception at Airship37 has such a heightened fun look with the the contrasting lighting and the bold decorations. How did you prepare to shoot this portion of the wedding?

I really wanted the lighting and ambience of the venue to shine here so rather than lighting the whole room, I opted for a very focused light that preserved the ambience. The way the speeches and formalities were done in the center of the room, surrounded by friends really felt like a stage so I think the spot light style really fit in with the theme as well.

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How would you classify your predominant style of photography?

I would say I love to combine the classic elegance of portraiture with a more candid, higher energy feel. My gentle directions ensure everything looks natural while at the same time ensuring the lighting and pose make my couples look the best they have in their whole life.

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Photographer : Matt Trimble Photography

venue: Airship37

Catering: Berkeley Catering