When you first saw Airship37 with your client what were some of your initial thoughts on how the styling of the wedding could be approached?
The thing I found most interesting was how well the space lends itself to a variety of styles. While the space is blank, it has a lot of character on its own with the reclaimed wood walls, concrete floors and open ceiling. I was immediately drawn to the open feel of the ceiling and the flexibility with Berkeley offering a service for installing ceiling decor on our behalf. I knew with those 30 foot ceilings we had to do something fun!


Where was your inspiration drawn from for this wedding?

My clients wanted a holiday inspired event that wasn’t centred around typical Christmas or New Years Eve decor. We wanted the space to feel fresh, but bright, warm, and classy. In my head, this translated to lots of fresh greenery, natural elements and tons of soft light for a romantic feel, partnered with fun details (big and small) that supported the party aspect they were after.


You created the florals with Blush and Bloom with the goal that they would be a little out of the ordinary – that they not be too heavy but rather more sculptural and airy. What was the process of deciding where the florals would appear in the space and their free flowing form?

Part of the draw of working with Blush and Bloom is that they take your vision and run with it. My clients really wanted simplicity in the design so this complimented all of our styles nicely. We first had the idea to do the garland backdrop for the ceremony, which I knew wasn’t coming down until the end of night given the time required to assemble and hang, so I had to be creative as to how could repurpose this piece. The bar was staying open for the entire dinner service, so I decided it was best to place it in front of the garland backdrop as a focal piece rather than being somewhat of a distraction to the rest of the design in the corner of the room. Adding those hand-made marquee letters really finished it off and balanced out the height of the garland with the bar back.


As for the garland chandelier in the centre of the room, my clients didn’t want a traditional head table and preferred to be mixed in among their guests so we decided a King’s table in the centre of the room with a statement piece above to separate it from the rest of the tables was the perfect design solution!





When styling a wedding in a unique wedding venue what is the biggest challenge and what is the biggest asset?

The fact that it’s a blank canvas is the biggest challenge, but also the biggest asset. There is so much room for creativity in design and room flow but if you’re not careful, it can quickly become overwhelming to determine what your focal points should be. You can easily over-spend trying to compensate for a a large, blank space, which I think a lot of people do, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Picking a couple of awesome design details smartly carried through the flow is important. This is where it’s helpful to have a professional guide you through it.






What was your idea behind the beautiful table settings?

We went through a few design revisions to end up with the final design. I wanted thick, luxurious satin linens that balanced the rustic components we had, but my client wanted something matte and more organic. In the end, we found the perfect balance with a beautiful head table linen that had metallics threads running through it, but the matte, grey burlap textured linens for the guest tables. You might have also noticed that we had garland running along the back row of chairs for the ceremony. These were garlands (2 on each side) were then separated to form the centrepieces for four of the 8 rectangular guest tables, also saving us some costs. Concrete-inspired vessels for the round tables, rattan charger plates partnered with bistro style napkins were all chosen for their outdoorsy feeling.




The term “industrial chic” is very timely for weddings. How would you define this term?

Any time I see a combination of two very opposing styles, I get really excited. To me industrial chic is hard lines with soft edges, it’s the dark playing against light, and rich textures softened by sheer flowing fabrics.



The wedding had a wonderful romantic feel to it, how was this achieved?

Simplicity in design, lots of lighting, a mixture of textures. It’s the magic combination!



The wedding invitations had such a festive whimsical feel to them that set the tone for the wedding. What other elements contributed to the festive vibe of the wedding?

Thank you! I actually did those myself; designed, hand gold-foiled and all! My clients hand-made Christmas crackers for each of their guests, filled with fun party pieces such as paper crowns, sunglasses, noisemakers and more, which added a super fun festive piece. They also encouraged their guests to wear sequins, bow-ties and vintage/faux fur which helped kick the rest of the decor up a notch. Oh! And the champagne toast during the ceremony when they were pronounced husband and wife for the firs time was a super fun way to start the festivities early!





You stated that “A chair can make or break the look of the wedding.” Given that the chairs had to fit with the look and feel of the ceremony and then be able to work equally well with the wedding reception, how did you this dual purpose affect your choice?

It’s funny, I wasn’t totally drawn to them for the reception decor at first, but knew they were perfect for the ceremony. This meant I needed to revisit the reception decor to make it all flow together flawlessly and I’m so glad we did. For the ceremony, they felt almost as if they had grown out of the ground, like a tiny vineyard. This will probably sound cheesy, but I wanted them to feel almost more mature when we reached the reception, with the heavier textures on the tables, covered with lots of greenery and the chandelier from the ceiling. I think they ended up transitioning really beautifully!



The unique organic wedding alter you created with Blush and Bloom Flower Studio was such a sensational centerpiece for the wedding ceremony. What was the inspiration for this piece?

My clients had seen something similar from another wedding but it was much more elaborate. I wanted theirs to feel soft and ethereal, almost as if it had grown right out of the ceiling. It reminded me of something you would see growing out the side of a beautiful chateau in ruins. The best part with it being in the centre of the room was that we could tear down the tables after dinner and it would then hang above the dance floor.


The rich variety of textures and natural elements you introduced into the industrial chic venue created a cozy and intimate vibe. What was your process for building up this environment?

Well, I wanted the event to feel like it had grown as the evening progressed. The event was literally changing from a simple, beautiful wedding ceremony into a big, festive New Years Eve Party party.

Adding materials and textures, layers on the tables, a path between the tables through the combination of soft and hard edges made it almost feel like a garden budding in to spring. It’s all about layering, but then scaling back to reveal the base beauty in it all.


There is a great industrial-glam feel to the wedding as you incorporated the glamour and sparkle of a New Year’s Eve theme with some fun touches and little details of decor. How did you strike this balance?

It wasn’t easy! We had quite a few design revisions to get it just right, but it was all about adding little touches of each element so that no individual piece was overwhelmingly obvious. I absolutely love mixing textures, patterns, and materials to make a statement and I think every event needs a little bit of metallic tossed into it even if it’s subtle. It was definitely a combination of talents with my clients presenting ideas or emotions they were after, Blush and Bloom offering that feminine floral balance and the rest of the decor balancing the masculine and feminine components.


What kind of experience did the couple want their guests to have and how was this implemented in the styling and planning of the wedding?
These guys love to have a good time, they don’t take themselves too seriously and when you’re around them, you immediately feel like you should be doing something super exciting. They wanted their wedding to be a really fun night for everyone and New Year’s Eve was certainly the night to do that! So with that, we decided to take the guests by surprise a little with the champagne toast mid-ceremony, the fantastically re-purposed ceremony backdrop and those party-packs they made as their guest favours, followed by a polaroid photo booth to keep the fun going.




Which photograph from the wedding best illustrates its overall feel?

I seem to be continuously drawn to the closeup of the BAR letters against the garland backdrop. There’s something about the glow of the bulbs, the black frame they sit within and the greenery behind it that sums up all of the elements we were looking to combine.


Event Planner and designer:  Laura Olsen Events