Airship37 event venue Toronto was the headquarters for the #DisneyInfinityTO. Guests were invited to check out a final preview of Avalanche Software’s Disney Infinity before its launch date.


The red carpet was rolled out and the all star cast of Disney celebrity characters welcomed all the guests.


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What fun to be greeted by a life size Elastagirl from the Incredibles when you enter the venue.


Similarly the characters were spread throughout the “Hangar” where gaming stations were set up for participants to try the game out.




The amazing thing about the new trend in software “toys as games” is you merge the fun you have in collecting the characters and arranging and sharing them with friends with the really dynamic possibility of unleashing your characters into a complex and fun landscape you can shape.

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Jorge Figueiredo, an expert in the gaming field from Toronto Thumbs articulates the radiant possibility of the game. “Paul Mombourquette, one of the dudes from the Disney Infinity development team, showed us all of the possibilities with the characters. He demonstrated how we could clobber each other (with ranged or melee attacks), or cooperate – depending on our mood, of course. One of my favourite tricks was to pick up Helen and throw her up to the next floor of the castle. He also showed some of the stackable hexagonal power discs, giving us Mulan’s horse and Cinderella’s coach to play with in the game. Paul also showed us how easy it was to change the landscape by dropping a Sugar Rush power disc onto the base – within seconds, the green grass and mature trees were gone, replaced by cotton candy and peppermint sticks. It was definitely impressive. ”


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Gamer Living was at the preview and offered up some great insight into the game in their review. “The first thing that interested players need to know about the game is that Disney Infinity is split into two distinct modes. The first, Play Set, is a story-based mode that only accepts characters from whichever universe it is set in. For example, if you choose to play in Monsters University, you can only use characters such as Mike, Sully or Randall. Characters from other franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean or The Incredibles won’t work outside of their own playsets. The other mode, in which players can use any figures, is Toy Box, which works in a similar manner to LittleBigPlanet. In Toy Box, players can create their own worlds, rules and games, or can merely run around causing chaos and havoc wherever they go.”



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Tweets from the event showed a huge enthusiasm for the Nitrogen popcorn as well as the cotton candy.

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Guests had a great time and by all accounts of the great reviews Disney Infinity will thrive and be played A LOT.

venue: Airship37