Sara Wilde on Being present, anticipating laughter, and capturing the important moments at Kaitlin and  Taylor’s Airship37 Wedding.

The choices that a couple makes for their big day become significant to the success and enjoyment of a wedding. What choices do you think were made that contributed to the happiness of this wedding and how did this affect your photography?

I think one of the decor choices that helped specifically on Kaitlin + Taylor’s day, was the backdrop that was hung for the ceremony / reception. The frames were a perfect added detail for us, as we had to do most of our portraits inside due to the crazy rainy weather! We did the family formals and some wedding party shots under the hanging.

airship37 - toronto wedding - wedding venue

toronto wedding - airship37 - toronto wedding venue

airship37- modern wedding- wedding [ortraits

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airship37- toronto wedding- wedding vnue- modern wedding

airship37 - modern venue- toronto wedding- wedding bouquet

What is your personal favourite part of documenting a wedding?

Candids! I love the photo of when Kaitlin’s dad walked her up the aisle, and then completely forgot what he was supposed to say. Capturing that moment, the reactions, love getting the real emotion of a day. Or just things that happen to happen, like when the huge gust of wind ripped off Kaitlin’s veil in the middle of the Distillery District. (And the random stranger that helped return it!)

airship37 - toronto wedding- toronto venue- modern wedding

airship37 - toronto wedding - wedding portraits

airship37 - weding portraits- distillery district

airship37- toronto wedding- modern wedding space

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irship37 - wedding details- toronto wedding

You captured the wedding details and decor so beautifully and utilized the natural lighting to effectively to reveal the beauty of the wedding. How did you achieve this?

Luckily, Airship37 has such amazing lighting (can you tell it was raining out?!) Gotta love the white walls. You can literally bounce light anywhere and everywhere.

airship37- modern wedding venue- toronto wedding

airship37 - toronto wedding - wedding venue - toronto wedding photographer

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airship37- toronto wedding- wedding venue

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The photographs of the bride and groom are so fun and playful while still being romantic and tender. How do you strike this complex balance in your work?

That’s up to the couple really! I help only a little by playing little word games to get them laughing, or other games to get them moving! It always ends with them naturally loving on one another.

toronto wedding- airship37- modern venue

airship37- toronto wedding- wedding portraits- disttillery district

airship37- toronto wedding- wedding portraits

Throughout the wedding day you managed to capture precious moments that were expressed  in the smallest details. What experiences have you had that have make you so skilled at this?

Being present. Always scanning the room, anticipating laughter, capturing the reactions.

airship37 - toronto wedding - wedding ceremony - wedding party

airship37- toronto wedding - modern wedding

airship37 - toronto wedding- wedding venue

How does your background as a graphic artist come into play when you are taking pictures?

Without getting into too many design principles, the biggest one is definitely composition. (and haha to doing your research!)

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Which picture of this wedding best communicates the essence of the day if you had to pick one?

I think the one where Kaitlyn’s veil pops off from the freak wind! Always expect the unexpected on your wedding day. We had rain, sun, wind!

toronto wedding portraits- toronto wedding photographer

The wedding reception had lots of laughter and tears that you skillfully captured into a precious collection for the wedding couple to enjoy. What skills and attitude do you have to have to be able to do this so well?

I really get into listening to the stories of the speeches and catch myself getting emotional over some as well! I try to find out who key people are in their lives and circle the room getting their reactions to speeches.

airship37 - toronto wedding- modern wedding - wedding

toronto wedding - airship37 - toronto wedding venue- modern wedding

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When you get a little bit of free time where would you be found taking pictures?

At home with my crazy rambunctious toddler. But now that she’s in daycare, I’ll be exploring a little more!


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