It’s TIME TO BLOOM Presents: MC YOGI – ONLY LOVE CANADIAN TOUR at Berkeley Church: A Yoga, Music, Meditation, Inspiration and Cultural Community Event where intention meets action to create the space for new possibilities.


“It’s TIME TO BLOOM  a yoga event with MC YOGI, Amanda Giacomini & DJ Drez… live music, a yoga class, a community gathering with art, talks, and dancing.


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” Meet the founders Myrah & Robindra. Lovebirds, newlyweds, yogis, entrepreneurs and community builders who have a big crush on the City of #Edmonton its people.  We hold a vision for humanity where we all work until no one is left suffering. Where we work together, for each other and ourselves to make this world a better place.”

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Robindra Mohar is on a mission to get you to focus. “Digital technology is forever changing the way we communicate, connect and develop relationships.  The problem is that we have become so accustomed to instant gratification of our curiosity and our mental whims that we have undermined our own ability to focus. The average human attention span is now less than 9 seconds, worse than that of a gold fish; we are literally giving ourselves ADD through our new relationship with technology. As a long time yogi, coach and entrepreneur, I have spent much of my career promoting strong mindful practices in the workplace, home and creative life. I’m fascinated with people who are able to take ideas and complete them and bottom line to complete anything these days you need f o c u s.”

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Myrah Penaloza Founder of It’s TIME TO BLOOM and Co-Creator and Sacred Designer of The Kundalini Gown brought insights and an abundance of positive energy to the stage at Berkeley Church.

This unique yoga event brought forth cohesive positive mantras and messages that through the creative collective of presenters offered many tools and ideas for participants to enrich their lives. Only Love is real is a mantra that MC Yogi talks about it “Every time I remember this mantra it helps me to drop in and reconnect with a feeling of gratitude and an underlying sense of peace. Everything is passing, everything must change, but even as it all fades away, I know and trust that this love I feel will always remain… Only Love is Real. ” MC Yogi

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Vinyasa Yoga Practice embedded with the stories and sacred symbolic teachings of Ganesh. Ganesh is the elephant-headed diety of India, known for his ability to remove obstacles and bring success to new endeavors. – See more at:

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“Amanda Giacomini has dedicated her life to uplifting people and creating more beauty in the world through yoga and art. From teaching yoga at the White House to presenting at some of the biggest yoga festivals, conferences and Asian Art museums in the world, Amanda infuses the ancient teachings with creativity and joy. Her journey in yoga began in 1994, and she continues to study with many great Indian and Western masters.”

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” MC YOGI is widely becoming known as yoga’s modern day ambassador to the West. Blending his love & knowledge of yoga culture with hip hop, reggae, and electronic music, MC YOGI is recognized as a leading voice in the emerging genre of conscious music. With three #1 World albums and hundreds of appearances each year, MC YOGI’s music is moving yoga to large, mainstream audiences.”

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The stage name of Nicholas Giacomini, MC Yogi specializes in a mystical fusion of styles that skillfully combines his love of yoga and hip-hop. A native of Northern California, Giacomini spent his formative years at a group home for at-risk boys, and it was there that he began honing his rap skills. At 18, he experienced a life-changing meditation session with a famous Indian spiritual leader, and spent the ensuing two years immersed in the studies of yoga, devotional chanting, and philosophy, but he never lost his love for reggae, electronica, dancehall, dub, and hip-hop. He issued his debut album, Elephant Power, in 2008 via White Swan Records. Pilgrimage arrived in 2012, followed by the Sounds True-issued Mantras, Beats & Meditations in 2014. ~ James Christopher Monger


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“MC Yogi is changing the face of devotional music in America” -NPR ( National Public Radio)



DjDrez “Peacefully determined. Lover. Sound Ambassador. Hip hopper. Mind astronaut. Grateful. Beat maker. Student always. Sometimes teacher. Disciplined. Turntablist. From LA, Earth. Haiku D’Etat. Abstract Tribe Unique. Dreaming In Sanskrit. World Traveler. Dancer. Passionate. Compassionate. Yogi. Vishnu. Rasta. Friend. Father. Husband. Wildly calm. Love, respect and get off on what I do.”

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When he isn’t in the studio producing, spinning at an underground hip-hop club or jamming with local artists in impromptu late night sessions, you’ll find him at yoga festivals and studios, spinning the perfect flow to accompany classes and workshops before lighting up the dancefloor by night with his eclectic, organic mixes. He is the musical director of the Wanderlust Spectacular, performs regularly with MC Yogi and Kirtaniyas and has appeared at Lightning In a Bottle, Symbiosis, AfroFunke and dozens of other high-profile events.”


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Venue: Berkeley Church


Photography : Paul McNulty