Timberland presented its the Fall 15 collection at Airship37.
airship37 - toronto event sapce- modern events- brand launchAIRSHIP_TIMBERLAND (26 of 26)The Gooderham lounge at Airship37 was a good fit for this stylish fall line.
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toronto media launch- airship37 - toronto prodcut launchairship37 - toronto events space- product launch

“The Modern Trail is about making discoveries and finding ways to see the world, be they off the beaten path with friends or getting lost on purpose. “http://www.timberland.com/moderntrail/made-for-the-modern-trail.html

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” At Timberland, everything we make is made for The Modern Trail. From our boots to our jackets to our bags, our products are crafted with your excursions in mind – be it stargazing, cutting out early, taking detours, collaborating with new friends, or wandering off the well-traveled route to find your own path.”https://www.timberland.com/moderntrail/made-for-the-modern-trail.html

airship37 - toronto event space- media launch- product launch

airship37 - toronto event space- gooderham lounge- media launch

The Timberland Made for the Modern Trail brand highlights and shares the success and creativity of makers and creators such as style bloggers, musicians and photographers. through its social media campaigns. They have termed the phrase MarkMakers to identify “people who are on their way to making their mark on the world,  Call them innovators, pioneers, entrepreneurs, culture producers adventurers or even trailblazers.” https://www.timberland.com/content/vfcorp/timberland/north-america/en_us/markmakers.html

airship37 - toronto event space- modern even sapce- toronto product launch

airship37 - brand launch- toronto event space- distillery district

The Hangar was the perfect space for the presentation of the fun and stylish visuals of the brand.

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Venue : Airship37