Berkeley Events newest Toronto Wedding Venue in Downtown Toronto was an ideal location for this Modern Boho Styled Wedding shoot.

In Converstaion with Hello Midge Flower Studio

If there was a soundtrack playing while someone enjoyed the pictures of this lovely wedding style shoot what would it be?

Flowers in your hair BY The Lumineers. Not only because she literally had the sweetest flowers placed in her hair but because the song is happy and light and perfect for a relaxed couple having a brunch wedding!

toronto wedding - la maquette restaurant- wedding venue

toronto wedding -berikeley events- wedding venue 

What was the original spark for this style shoot at La Maquette restaurant? 

We wanted to not only capture a REAL couple in love but also create a romantic brunch style wedding that was simple with a little Bohemian edge.

toronto wedding- la maquette restuarant- berkeley events wedding

How did you arrive at your colour pallette for this La Maquette wedding and what was your methodology for implementing it so beautifully across the whole design?

We wanted to do something that reflected some of the 2016 pantone colours which is why we focused on emerald green, radiant orchid and rose quartz

 la maquette restarant- toronto wedding - toronto wedding venue

berkeley events weddings- la maquette- toronto weddig venue

La Maquette opens up into an outdoor patio overlooking the sculpture garden with a flowing water sculpture. This wedding day used the large vintage doors that open into the patio and garden as the wedding alter and the design is uniquely complimentary with the setting. How did you arrive at these wedding day choices?

We wanted to come up with a unique way that the venue had not tried before to have the ceremony. I fell in love with the french doors and thought what a perfect way to hang garland!

 la maquette - toronto wedding venue- toronto wedding

What was unique about this location for a wedding and how did you maximize it? What advice would you give a couple getting married at La Maquette?

We felt La Maquette was a very intimate venue, perfect for a couple wanting a small, beautiful ceremony and reception. There are many beautiful details inside La Maquette from the beautiful atrium to the outside courtyard, not to mention the marble counters and pedestals! Advice I would give is to play up the atrium as much as possible, hanging tea lights in the large trees or garlands in the windows. Also to pay attention to the details at La Maquette and your wedding decor inspiration will blossom 🙂

berkeley events wedding- toronto wedding - la maquette restaurant 

berkeley events wedding - wedding venue- toronto wedding

The crystals and gems are such a beautiful inclusion in the design. What was the spark behind this idea?

We were trying to think of ways to incorporate the pantone colours and immediately thought of crystals… it’s what made this shoot turn into a boho dream.

toronto wedding - wedding decor- toronto wedding venue

toronto wedding day- toronto wedding - la maquette restarant

La Maquette has an abundance of natural light flowing in and greenery out each window. How did you utilize this magnificent assett?

By focusing on a lot of the outdoor ceremony shots and the atrium. The front of La Maquette was also used for beautiful natural light shots of the bride.

toronto wedding- la maquette restaurant- berkeley events

Potted plants are intermingled with bouquets and hanging greenery. How do you strike a balance between these elements?

I wanted to use something other than the typical ceremony standards that are often used. I felt the terra cotta pots had a very bohemian feel matched with the gorgeous Monstera leaves I thought it was modern, simple yet stylized.

berkeley events- toronto wedding- la maquette restarant

Was there one signature flower in the wedding floral design that was the star? 

Definitely the lilacs! I featured both white and purple lilacs in the centerpieces and her bouquet. I even added white lilacs throughout her hair!

toronto wedding- berkeley events- toronto wedding venue

toronto wedding - la maquette restaratn- berkeley events weddings

What was your process for designing the wedding bouquet? 

I sourced out many different types of greenery and then used them to frame a beautiful protea and then used the lilac and peonies throughout and tied it together with a beautiful copper ribbon.

toronto wedding venue- berkeley evnets wedding - la maquette wedding venue

The wedding stationery has marbled texture and incorporates a handwritten script and elements from the crystals and gems. How were these design elements all tied together? 

We wanted to tie in all the gorgeous marble throughout La maquette we thought the crystals would be a unique touch for the place cards and the cursive font for that personal handwritten feel.

la maquette wedding shoot

If you were going to design another wedding at La Maquette what would the theme be?We would love to do a botanical parisian theme wedding!

 Toronto Wedding Venue: Maquette
Dress: Maureen Patricia Bridal