Creative Event Solutions transforms Airship37 event venue Toronto into a tropical oasis for this stunning styled shoot.

If this style shoot was a short story what would the plot summary be?

Boy meets beautiful girl on vacation. Romance blossoms, gets engaged. Couple wants a destination wedding in the tropics however older loved ones cannot make the trip. Couple decides to create the tropics in the city, resulting in the Modern Tropical Theme.

What was the inspirational spark behind this style shoot at Airship37?

After attending an event at the space, I fell in love with the unique and modern elements that make up the characteristics of the space. It provided the perfect juxtaposition to implement the modern and tropical feel of the shoot.

The style shoot took place both on a beach in Toronto and the Toronto venue Airship37. How did you tie these two locations together stylistically and what did each location bring to the whole?

Due to the theme being Tropical, the beach was a natural extension of the concept. Airship 37 provided the modern elements and the beach provided the tropical setting we required.

What is your favourite part of the style shoot process?

Creating the concept and vision, creating the storyboard for the shoot, sourcing the right vendors to bring the vision to life and finally seeing it all come together.

The floral choices and greenery are so fresh and bold and interesting. How did you conceive of these combinations?

Working with Floral Werx, we came up with a dramatic and bold design with the greenery and added the orchids to soften and add the romantic element.

If this were a real wedding how would you extend the choices you made? How is planning a style shoot similar to planning a real wedding and how does experience in each process bring ideas and inspiration to the other?

If this was a real wedding, the process would be very similar. If the couple was looking to create a tropical vibe in the city, the Modern Tropical Design would be a great starting point in bringing their vision to life.

A stylized shoot is similar to planning a real wedding due to all the elements involved in the production. A vision as to be created, location and vendors sourced, timelines created etc. It take a lot of planning work and coordination to make a photoshoot come together.

There is a beautiful soft, romantic feel to the photographs while still keeping a dramatic bold look. How did you create a balance in the overall look of the style shoot?

The location provided the an already bold and dramatic look, to soften up the coldness that a modern space can sometimes portray, I used soft and beautiful orchids, lush greenery and beautiful linens. I further played on the modern elements by using modern furniture in the styling.

How did you collaborate with the photographic team to unite your vision of the project with their abilities and contributions?

I worked with one of the best in the business therefore it wasn’t hard for him to understand the vision. I provided an extensive brief prior to production that included a background story of our fictional couple so all vendors can can a real feel for the purpose of the design. Through this process, we were all able to understand the concept and unite on the project with our own abilities and contributions.

You created distinct vingettes in the various spaces of Airship37. You utilized the shiny steel wall in the Gooderham Lounge to offest the lounge-style luxury set up. The ceremony vingette was styled against the soft barnboard wall with bold leafy green stems. The industrial high ceiling and natural lighting of the hangar operated as a key feature int he shoot. What did the creative process look like for making the artistic choices?

I always try to see what in the space will best compliment the message we are trying to relay. The ceremony vignette was styled against the soft barn wood with bold leafy green stems to symbolize the natural element of the tropics, such as wood and greenery. The shine steel wall was the perfect backdrop for the modern element of the design.


The style shoot had such a cohesive beautiful look. How did you manage to unite all the different vendors and parties involved to be so on point with the final outcome?

By sharing a very detailed brief of the concept including a background story of our fictional couple, all the different vendors were transported into the love story and could vision the design from there, making it easier to create a cohesive look.

The artistry of the cake and pastries is so creative, delicate and original. How did you work with the Sweet Things designers to come up with these creations?

We shared ideas for weeks, back and forth. It was not an easy process however we got it right.


There is a fun whimsical element to the pineapple themed shoot on the beach hinting of a stylish cocktail party. How would this portion of the shoot be incorporated into a real wedding ?

For cocktail hour, tropical drinks can be served with tropical music in the back ground. Pineapple props etc would be great for a Photo Booth also.

As a stylist, designer and planner how important is it to be involved within the styles and trends in various various other artistic, music and fashion?

It is extremely important! There is always new trends in fashion, music and decor and intern it translates over to the event world. As a stylist, designer and planner, I have to stay current with whats going on.

If there was a soundtrack for these beautiful images what would it be?

It would be “The Peanut Vendor” – Perez Prado

Concept & Creative Director: Creative Event Solutions | Photography: Boston Avenue Fine Art Photography | Flowers: Floral Werx & Decor | Backdrop & Linens: Susan Murray International | Hair & Makeup: AMR Amanda Reid Makeup | Cakes & Sweets: The Sweetest Thing Cakes | Rentals: Detailz Couture Event Rentals | Stationery: Anista Designs | Dress: Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay | Jewellery: Maple Leaf Diamonds | Stylist: Styled By Chey | Location: Airship37