Joline Christiani from Pure Dutch Weddings plans and designs a romantic modern wedding day for Megan and Mike at La Maquette wedding venue Toronto.  Joline shares her vision for the day and her methodology in achieving beautiful wedding day results.
Toronto bride Megan raved about her wedding day “I explained my vision (which was a combination of romantic and modern styles) and she just seemed to get it. Joline took all of my ideas and what I was looking for, and put together a package that included decor, rental sourcing, and day-of coordination.”

What are some of your methods for reaching a shared aesthetic and wedding design vision with your clients?

The vision starts with the couple. Whether it’s a colour palette or something they’ve seen on Pinterest; this sets the tone of the overall theme. I then build a design based on their initial vision while keeping in mind the space, layout and budget.

What are some of the benefits of designing the wedding and doing the day of coordination for the wedding?

There’s reassurance knowing that the overall design will come to life perfectly on the day of the wedding. We spend months working together to pull everything in place and so it’s only natural to then execute and be involved on the day also.

The outdoor wedding ceremony at La Maquette restaurant was beautifully set to take advantage of the attributes of the setting,  you added in just the right amount of design elements. How did this King Street East location inform your choices and decisions in the design process?

This outdoor location was just perfect for Megan & Mike’s ceremony. La Maquette is located on one of Toronto’s busiest streets, however once you walk through those beautiful large gates it instantly becomes an intimate setting. All that was missing was a romantic focal point, so we decided on a clean, white backdrop draped by Freckled Florist with eucalyptus. A great introduction to the overall design of the wedding.

Megan and Mike talk about feeling reassured and confident on their wedding day, this is no small feat. What are some of the things you do to instill this confidence?

It’s my job to know the in’s and out’s of the day and always be one step ahead of the couple and their guests. My passion for this work is hard to miss. This is reassuring for couples knowing I pay attention to the little details and ensure it’s above and beyond their expectations.

How did you approach the overall wedding design including the florals and the table styling for the wedding reception at La M​​aquette?

It’s important for the design to compliment the venue.  The tables were dressed beautifully with eucalyptus and touches of baby’s-breath. Candles was a natural approach to add dimension and romance, so we filled the entire space! For the sweetheart table we added beautiful blush roses and used La Maquette’s chandelier painting as this was the perfect backdrop. It was such a beautiful setting for the newlyweds!

How would you describe the interior setting of La Maquette restaurant and how did this affect your design process?

Each venue has it’s own characteristics and so naturally helps influence the design. La Maquette has two very unique features; grey marble and gold trim. It’s such an elegant, yet modern style so really wanted to highlight these unique features by adapting the decor to compliment and flow with the space. It just needed a touch of romance for the beautiful couple!

If you were to have a one sentence synopsis of this wedding how would it go?

A modern, romantic day of love at an intimate setting in Downtown Toronto.

How do you chose which wedding vendors to bring aboard for a wedding day?

Not everyone’s needs will be met with the same vendor.  It’s important to see who’s best at bringing to life particular elements of the day and therefore a big part of my responsibility is to network and meet various talents who I can then match with the right couple.

What excites you most about your profession?

This started as a passion project. I was always the crafty one of the group so helped with my best friend’s wedding decor and kept going. Being a part of a couple’s biggest day is such a rewarding experience. I get to spend my days working with happy and in-love couples and surround myself with vendors that share the same passion. What’s not to love!

What are some trends you saw in the 2016 wedding season that you liked? What do you see being some of the trailblazing ideas for 2017?

Mixed metals, texture, floral chandeliers are garden-inspired designs are my go-to’s this year!

If you were going to design another wedding at La Maquette that was different from Megan and Mike’s wedding what would you like the style to be?

An all black and white design would suit the place very well. Especially at this time of year when you can get away with no flowers; just candles. Super romantic!

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