I Yellow hosted a wine party at Berkeley Fieldhouse event venue Toronto that was a glorious celebration of sampling special select wines and a breezy warm night to kick off the summer patio season.

“Wines from Peloponnese were first referenced by the writer Homer, who called the region Ampeloessa, which means “full of vines.” And rightly so: the peninsula in southern Greece has a diverse landscape lined with towering mountains, steep valleys and rocky terrain. This – in combination with its unique soil – forms the perfect growing conditions for a range of indigenous grapes. Which makes for some distinct wines.” https://bit.ly/36ytcbx

The summer party was perfectly suited to the loft style event space of Berkeley Fieldhouse it was a wine lovers dream night out.

Toronto Travel and food blogger The Creative Creature wrote. “The beautiful white interior of Berkeley Fieldhouse was the backdrop to the celebration of the crisp and lively flavours that dominate the wines from one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. Partygoers, decked out in their best white attire, were given the opportunity to sample wines showcased by the attending wineries. It was the perfect opportunity to discover what the Peloponnese has to offer.”https://bit.ly/36ytcbx

The main room, accented by antique chandeliers, features wood walls and french doors that open out on to a garden patio.

I Yellow Wine puts on wine,  food lifestyle events with a range of experiences allow guests to explore how they want to shape their social events when they are hosting their family and friends.

Toronto foodies, lifestyle bloggers and influencers shared their night out and their impressions of the wines and food experience.


“Wine is just a conversation waiting to happen.” Jessica Altieri.

The urban oasis at Berkeley fieldhouse is a setting where you can relax, unwind and go for a stroll on the patio and in the urban garden accented by taddle creek stream and a treehouse.

A live experience wine event is the perfect fit for a summer social in a venue with an urban oasis.


The wine social represented a selection of handpicked wines and guests had a change to have discus each wines attributes with sommeliers.

Berkeley Catering paired seasonal artisanal dishes with the wines.

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