The theme was “momentum” at the TEDx Distillery District Women event. The event was hosted at Airship37 event venue Toronto in the Distillery District.

The conference trended on twitter, creating a huge spread of great ideas, energy and innovation.

The Hangar space at Airship37 operated as an elegant meeting space and lounge to regroup and organize the speakers events.

“It was amazing to see so many talented women from around Toronto on the same stage. From re-building life from the bottom, to a new purpose of tattoos, to finding a cure for cancer; each speaker took the audience on a beautiful journey. Emotions of hope, excitement, faith and fear definitely filled the room. These women’s accomplishments and journey will definitely continue to gain momentum for our society for many years to come. The performers were also wonderful. They showed women can be sassy, emotional, strong and successful.”

The Gooderham Lounge was set theatre style for the guests to enjoy the day’s speaches and film the talks.

Britta Badour is a spoken word poet, keynote speaker and artist educator. She has captivated audiences across Canada both in competitive and feature performances. She has also showcased in New York City, Detroit and New Orleans, and has been casted a lead role in the play The Journey: A Living History of Regent Park.

“I recently delivered a TedX talk in Toronto’s Distillery District, inspired by the event theme “invented here.” I wanted to talk about politics, but I knew if I did that, I’d likely lose the audience. So I explored the reasons behind the yawn reflex when someone mentions politics: I titled my talk “How to Hate Politics.””

“Following my TEDxTalk — in which I touched on some of these themes – members of the audience approached me and confessed that I was talking about them, that they hate politics too. But somehow they said they still enjoyed my talk. We laughed, and then continued to talk about how we talk about politics (at a TEDTalk).”

Jam Gamble was a vibrant, dynamic engaging MC for the #TEDXDDWomen conference.

A theme running through the event was that women can be empowered by finding a way of expressing their creativity and views.

After overcoming addiction and homelessness, Emily uses her personal story of resiliency as a way of confronting stigma and dismantling injustice. She is a devoted advocate to causes related to bullying, mental health, and child care.

The event provides a platform for women to share ideas, inspire new modes of understanding and be a catalyst of change. The event was an effort to create a forum that amplifies the ideas generated by women in Toronto.

The event involved many participating partners and the culminating result was a day of inspiration and energizing ideas.
 Airship37 work as a venue for the conference with its urban outdoor patio.
All of the speakers were able to create a high level of engagement from the viewers as well as the followers of the event.
The conference moved into the urban outdoor space at Airship37 with picnic lunches prepared by Berkeley catering and gathered some sunshine.


Berkeley Catering

Tedx Women

Mc: Jam Gamble