The Creative Details custom events brings each wedding couple a personalized signature experience for their big day. Lead planner Catherine discusses her experience planning a stunning wedding at the historic Berkeley Church wedding venue Toronto.

You talk about studying psychology and being inspired by people’s stories. How has this interest 
and background translated into your profession?

I think my studies have given me a better 
understanding of people’s behaviors and tendencies. Working in a fast paced and high stress 
industry, this has given me the ability to take a step back and empathize to find solutions. 
I love hearing people’s stories – it’s another way to understand someone and incorporating little 
details about couples into their wedding days makes it extra special.

What was the original spark of inspiration that propelled Christy and Mike’s wedding forward?

With every wedding I feel the venue sets the tone. The church is so historic and stunning, it 
didn’t need much to come together so beautifully! 
How would you describe the beautiful dreamy look of the wedding and what were the elements 
that tied it together so well?  
Keeping the decor fairly minimal to let the venue shine was essential to this look coming 
together. The green filled centrepieces created by Stok Floral Design Inc were so elegant and 
their height worked really well in the space. The cafe lighting softened things up and the 
handmade table numbers added a point of interest to the table settings.

How did you put together your vendor team for this wedding?

Christy and Mike brought me in a 
little bit later in the process for Wedding Day Management. Their vendor team was already in 
place and I was thrilled to work with them all. Everything went very smoothly!

The decor and planning of the wedding ceremony in the mezzanine was so well integrated with 
the look and feel of the reception. How did you achieve this?

The large windows in the 
mezzanine lend themselves so well to a ceremony. Having the wedding begin later in the day 
allowed for gorgeous light to come through and we kept things pretty simple here too with only 2 
altar arrangements so the focus was on the couple. 
The photography of this wedding captures the day so well and tells the story so stylishly and 

How was the photographer chosen and what in your experience makes this choice 
so significant?

I always recommend couples set aside a reasonable budget for photography. It is 
so important to have those moments captured and a professional’s experience can make all the 
difference. Selecting someone you are comfortable with is essential.

You created the little bride book. How was it received and what were the positive ramifications 
of this effort?

There are so many options for every vendor category these days! I am so often 
asked about vendor recommendations by engaged couples and I was looking for a way to filter 
through them and place a focus on highly reputable organizations. Having them provide a small 
incentive for couples made it easier for them to make that decision and avoid being disappointed.

What were the various roles you played in this wedding?

As part of the wedding day 
management service, my first priority was ensuring all details were in place and vendors were 
informed and prepared. Creating a detailed itinerary to keep us all on track is a big part of this 
service. Next is executing the plans that have been made and doing all I can so the couple can sit 
back and enjoy the day with their friends and family.

What experiences do you have outside of your work day that help you grow and expand your 

Being an entrepreneur teaches you so much about yourself and about business in 

general. It pushes you out of your comfort zone which can be so rewarding.  I often work with 
vendors on styled shoots to stay inspired and creative. I am also part of the committee for a local 
organization that brings together local businesses to network and learn. Planning the events and 
meeting other small business owners has been a great experience.

How would you best describe your style of management of wedding days?

I always try to create a good balance for everyone. I want to be there to assist and support 
vendors (we’re all in this together!) however it is also my job to ensure everything is executed as 
contracted and discussed.

What in your experience is the best way for a couple to take their story and translate it for their 
guests to experience?

In most cases, keeping your guest count on the smaller side allows you to 
incorporate more personalized details and use your budget in unique ways to achieve a really 
interesting guest experience. I always tell couples not to worry too much about what is “normal” 
and do what they feel best fits their personalities and families.

What were your original thoughts about how best to utilize the historic setting of Berkeley 

I was so glad we were keeping the decor simple. Having a neutral linen and all greens 
really allowed the gorgeous features of the space speak for themselves.

You have have planned and created industry networking events. What is the significance of these events?

This industry is all about relationships and I am so thankful I get to work 
with such talented and kind vendors. I try to plan one networking event every year to connect 
with vendor friends outside of the busy season and also meet or introduce people who may not 
have had a chance to connect.

The Creative Details

Berkeley Church

Photographer: Tovah Fine Photography

Stok Floral Design Inc