Kayla Rocca, a Toronto based photographer, has a style of shooting that can be described as raw, truthful and candid. In this romantic styled shoot in the historic Berkeley Bicycle Club event venue Toronto she presents a romantic narrative with luxurious bridal day inspiration.

What was the spark of inspiration for this styled shoot at Berkeley Bicycle Club?

 It was love at first site when I first laid my eyes on the venue. From the large stained-glass cathedral windows to the rich-mahogany staircase, I knew I had to photograph in the space; it inspires creativity! 

How do you train yourself to work with natural light so successfully?

 Each photographer has a particular preference for how they want their shots to look. That desired outcome help dictate  their use of light. So light becomes a large contributing factor in an individual’s style or aesthetic. For me, there was a lot of trials at the beginning but I’m very proud of the signature style I’ve developed over time.


What is your definition of a great photograph?

My definition of a great photograph is simply an image that provokes emotion. 

How do you capture movement?

Movement is a common theme in my work. I like to capture my subjects candidly, that way I can get the “in-between” moments, the moments when people are most themselves.


For this shoot specifically, I really wanted to capture the Carrall gown in motion. For me, comfort is the most important factor when it comes to fashion. This wedding dress is perfect, as it is so comfortable and airy, yet classic and elegant. I was able to capture movement very well with this dress, because the model naturally played with the flowy gown.

How best do you work with the makeup and hair artist to align your vision?

The makeup/hair artist plays one of the most important roles when producing a photoshoot.

The artist on this shoot, Lily Ho, is an incredibly talented woman – a Jill-of-all-trades when it comes to hair and make-up. Lily and I have an incredible working relationship, and she knows and understands my work. Without Lily’s ability to create a natural look, I couldn’t have been able to produce this shoot at the caliber we did.


How would you describe the floral choices for this styled shoot?

Lauren Wilson of Timberlost Designs chose deep blush and rose tones for this shoot to compliment the dark and romantic vibe of the venue. She wanted the flowers to be classic and romantic, wild but intentional.

 What part did the location play in the storyline of the shoot?

The location was one of the biggest factors for this shoot. It really dictated the look and feel of the hair, make-up, florals and overall feel. The warm tones and the romantic ambiance gave us a theme to work with and we ran with it.


What happens when you choose to present a picture in black and white?

There’s always the right time for colour but I really love black and white images.  To me they create a sense of timelessness in a photograph.

Where do you look to for inspiration in your work?

I look for inspiration everywhere. In music, nature, fashion, art and design.

Photography: Kayla Rocca

Berkeley Bicycle Club

Lily Ho Beauty

Dress: Truvelle Bridal Etsy Canada

Flowers: Timberlost Designs

Model : Claire McConnell

Jewellery: Pilar Agueci