An interview with Antoine Elhashem on upcoming event An Affiliate Event of Pride Toronto 2017 Pride Business Cocktail Reception. The event is a partnership of INspired Media, Toronto Region Board of Trade, Ontario Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, with Berkeley Events, at Berkeley Bicycle Club event venue Toronto.

What is the history of INspired Media and what do you think is the key to its success?

I personally have been in media for 30 years, mostly LGBTQ media however branched out to helping many business all over the city. 12 years ago I went on my own, started INspired Media, and we have been growing to be the leading LGBTQ media platforms over those years. The secret to our success? Two things, the best team anyone can dream of working with, and the best and most supportive clients ever.

How has your background in creative advertising and broadcasting come into play in your current profession?

Everything that I know about media has been learned through study and my three decades of experience. But I also have been a media aficionado and was in love with media since I was a kid. So I can take all that that I know and make it guide us to how to help businesses and create media that our community loves.

What were some of the best outcomes of last year’s Pride Business Cocktail Reception at Berkeley Bicycle Club?

Great venue, the weather was amazing and sunny, the pride vibe was in the air, and everyone said they had an amazing time. Also it was easy to work with Berkeley events, greatest team there.

How does the Berkeley Bicycle Club work as an ideal location for this event?

It is central to the festivities of Pride and very close to The Village.


How does networking with fellow business professionals around the events of Pride build community and create creative alliances that build innovative new ideas?

Anytime that business professionals get together conversation happen, ideas are shared, and hopefully long lasting relationship are built.

What are some of the positive ideas of having an event leading up to Pride 2017?

It’s a chance to get together and celebrate. We love being in room of positive and motivated businesses, you can’t go wrong there.

How does the Ontario Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, interact with the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce?

We’re all kind of connected and related because we are considered the business incubators. Both organizations we support as their media, both great organizations to connect with the community, and they work together on events and such.

Having the event for the second time what are some of the ways you feel this event will evolve and change this year?

It seems more people are excited about it because now they know that it is going to be an annual get together. We’re even hearing from general public who want to drop by and meet businesses who are gay friendly.

When planning an event how do you set your priorities and where is your biggest focus?

Always it is about the guests, making sure they are comfortable, have a good time, enjoy themselves, and be entertained, so that all is going to be happing on June 21st

Pride Business Cocktail Reception 2017

Berkeley Bicycle Club