Rose PR founder Ashley Rosenberger discusses the success and strategy behind the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb media launch and influencer garden party at Berkeley Fieldhouse event venue Toronto.

The Viktor and Rolf fragrance launch at Berkeley Fieldhouse was a huge success. What factors do you attribute to this favourable outcome?

It was indeed! With this event, we went in with the goal of making it as “Instagram-worthy” as possible. Each and every event element was decided upon via this overarching factor. From the flowers, to the props, to the various activations – we sought to create an event that would get our guests excited to post about and share with their followers.

At the initial stages of planning this event what were some of the first steps you took?

The first step was deciding the location. The Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb fragrance, is, you guessed it, all about flowers! So, we sought to create a “Garden Party”-themed event that was accessible in terms of location (e.g. being in the heart of downtown Toronto). For us, Berkeley Fieldhouse was the perfect venue as it met all our criteria.

How do you measure the success of your initiatives apart from the sheer joy on the looks of the participants faces?

With this event, we measured success via the social media engagement (e.g. # of posts/Instagram stories etc).

What are some of the most impactful ways a company/brand can build their story and make it easier for people to learn about their product?

I believe this done through finding creative ways to showcase your brand. These days, there are so many brands out there constantly pushing new products and, in order to stand out against the rest, they need to find ways to communicate or showcase their brand in creative and innovative ways in order to engage their public.

What role does social listening play in your field when working with a client?

It’s extremely important at all aspects of the said campaign. At the beginning stages, it helps me decide how I will position the product to the public, what may work what may not work, WHO the public is etc. Also, extremely important when monitoring the success of a campaign, the public’s feedback etc.

How important is it to have strategic partnerships in your campaigns and events?

It depends on the scale of the campaign. For example; with Viktor & Rolf, our event was smaller in scale (40 influencers) and we were able to achieve all of our goals without utilizing any strategic partnerships. With larger events, I believe strategic partnerships are key as you are reaching a larger number of people & a broader public.

As an entrepreneur, what are some of the key elements of your success?

When I take on a new project/client etc., I put my heart and soul into it and I believe that it’s this high level of dedication that is the key attributor to my success. There is no greater or more satisfactory feeling than wrapping up a project or campaign and knowing that your client is happy and content with the results – and all that hard work, hours put in etc, is totally and utterly worth it!

You have a Marilyn Monroe quote on your website. In what way do you think she was a genius?

To me, Marilyn Monroe was a marketing genius. As one of the most iconic and recognized figures of the 20th century, she created a character that the world fell in love with – that of “Marilyn Monroe”. With PR – one must be able to strategically present a product to the public and to ensure that it is represented in a way that fully depicts the brand to the core – there’s is no better example than that of Marilyn.

What are some of the changes you have observed in the pr media landscape?

I think most PR agencies can agree that one of the biggest changes in the PR/Media landscape has been the rise in the importance of digital influencers. Another trend I’ve noticed recently is the rise in the importance of micro-influencers; those who many not necessarily have a high social media following but are influential in their own circles and, given it’s the right fit, can definitely help grow awareness about a said brand!

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