Modern Concierge, a full service event planning and production company hosted an elegant evening of cigars, Scotch and delectable eats at Berkeley Bicycle Club event venue Toronto.

Modern Concierge believes that a strong creative vision and impeccable execution are the hallmarks of any great event.

Frank Correnti Cigars, the oldest cigar shop in Toronto was at the event demonstrating their hand made cigar technique.

Also on hand was a Scotch connoisseur to guide the guests through the subtleties of tasting and differentiating their tasting experience providing techniques and tips.

Some of the best ultra premium Scotches were introduced and their attributes highlighted.

An event venue in Toronto housed in a historic Toronto mansion creates an environment that is both intimate and stylish.

The intricate woodwork and hand crafted architectural touches creates a unique setting for events.

Berkeley Bicycle Club has an architecturally stunning floor-to-ceiling glass solarium conservatory bar where guests can enjoy a cocktail and mingle.

“Oysters XO is an innovative raw bar catering service made to spice up elite events.”

A carefully curated menu was served throughout the evening created with Berkeley Events Catering.

Berkeley Bicycle Club

Modern Concierge

Berkeley Events Catering