Black Cellar wine invited Toronto influencers to enjoy an evening of fun and adventure where invitees found clues, solved puzzles and ultimately escaped the theme rooms created at the historic Berkeley Bicycle Club event venue Toronto.

The entire event was an impactful experience from start to finish engaging guests and sparking creative communication and proliferating brand awareness of Black Cellar Wines. Separate theme rooms were created in the Toronto mansion as well as utilizing the existing layout of the space.

The theme of discovering the secret in the cellar paralled the guests experience of revealing aspects unique to Black Cellar wines.

The epic escape game is a fun interactive adventure that influencers and digital storytellers captured, sharing on their stories on social channels.

The Berkeley Bicycle Club offered just the right ambiance and intimacy to ensure an authentic themed experience. Its detailed architectural accents and true historical quality added to the high-concept of the event.

Black Cellar Wine revealed to the guests the attributes of their wines as they unraveled the mystery and ultimately found their way through the adventure.

Black Cellar Wines believes that “deep within the heart of our winery is a cellar that holds the key to crafting award-winning wine. It’s within the Black Cellar that our master winemaker explores blend after blend, creating the exceptional wines you enjoy today.” So it is only fitting that guests could find the secret in the cellar.

The design of the event created an unparalleled unique experience that showcased the wine brand in a compelling and creative manner.

The experience was complemented by the wine tasting, the live music and the tasty catering by Berkeley Events.

The combination of an interactive escape room experience, a product launch and a little party was a big hit.

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