Martell Cognac House Of Martell was a night to #becurious with Deck Agency at Berkeley Bicycle Club event space Toronto.

“Tonight we encourage you to #BECURIOUS as you journey through doors, floors and curtains discovering original experiences and new perspectives.” @MARTELLCOGNAC #MARTELL #BECURIOUS

Carefully curated by host Shayne Stephens, Marketing Director of Saks Fifth Avenue, Canada, each element of the evening was designed to inspire, support and reward curious minds.

The Toronto product launch party “Home By Martell” was a perfect fit with the Toronto mansion, The Berkeley Bicycle Club which was once the home of the famous Gooderham family.

The House pulsated with the sweet sounds of BLOND:ISH and the mesmerizing synchronized blue swirls.

The intimate Toronto event venue creates an opportunity for self expression and unique installations and interactions to take place.

Guests were invited to explore #Houseofmartell to discover new experiences and find experts to help guide themes such as a twisted variation by master mixologist Oliver Stern.

Smoked cocktail? Yes please!

Enjoy an expertly hand rolled cigar with Elliot Gilbert.

Be curious and you may happen upon a master harpist.

Around every corner in the Toronto mansion there were creative collaborations for the adventurous to discover. Check out the exclusive bonbon experience by CXBO – Chocolates x Brandon Olsen.

Toronto lifestyle bloggers, fashion influencers and other media were invited to indulge in the all-new Martell Blue Swift being poured by Martell Cognac ???? Brand Ambassador Rory Crozier.

MARTELL VSOP Aromas of quite, plums, Licorice and Hazelnut. A smooth, mellow, and complex cognac with a long finish.

MARTELL BLUE SWIFT The first artel VSOP finished in carbon casks. An exceptionally smooth interpretation of the Martell signature style complemented by the subtle sweetness of vanilla and toasted ask from bourbon casks.


Guests were encouraged to Discover the Heritage, Collection, & Cocktails of Martell Cognac.

Upstairs in the library was a VIP experience with Global Ambassador for Martell Cognac Jacques Menier. The stage was set for an intimate Martell Cognac tasting.


An easy, smooth and fruity blend crafted from spirits drawn from a single distillation source for a richer, more intense cognac experience. Aromas of plumb, apricot and candied lemons, with rounded, fruity, luscious flavours.


Aromas of crystallized plums and apples with roasted flavours of mocha, gingerbread, and toasted almonds. The high proportions of Borders makes this blend a unique cognac in the XO category- with beautiful complexity and elegance.


Aromas of black pepper, coriander, and red berries, with flavours of fig chutney and walnuts. A spicy, rich crescendo starting with the mellow elegance of the Borders, followed by the intensity and finesse typical of Grande Champagne faux-de-vie.


The event brought alive the spirit of curiosity and collaboration and used every opportunity to awaken a sense of awe and wonder.

Combine food styled to perfection, an intriguing Cognac label, an historic mansion and modern art touches and you have a delight to all the senses as a result.

Be brave and curious and you may find a signature portrait studio created by Vacheron Constantin who have been Crafting Eternity Since 1755.  This sense of history was matched by the setting of a room with a gorgeous balcony and a few friendly gargoyles overlooking the epic Jarvis street.

Martell Cognac

Deck Agency


Chocolates x Brandon Olsen


Little Harpist

Berkeley Bicycle Club

Photography Branded by Hand