Sport Chek held a stylish and inspiring seasonal  launch and holiday preview Woodsexplorer  at Airship37 Toronto launch event space.

The Gooderham Lounge has the perfect confluence of rustic and historical accents that fit the brand’s edgy outdoorsy appeal.

Each guest was treated to a  Woods parka and invited to have complementary monogramming.

The style and pacing of the event was spacious, luxurious and fun.

Guests included media, lifestyle influencers and bloggers who were excited to explore the Woods Canada Parka and eager to showcase the signature product available exclusively at Sport Chek.

The Hangar space at Airship37 is a wide open modern space perfectly suited to showcase this dynamic active brand launch.

A custom espresso and cappuccino bar added to the camp vibe as guests could circulate with their signature drinks.

Entering the modern Hangar space one could browse the designed vignettes for inspiration and detailed product displays.

The launch got participants excited for  for winter with Sport Chek’s large selection of warm, waterproof and insulated men’s high quality winter jackets & coats. (Sport Chek)

The event invited guest to find their joy and excitement in exploring winter and offer fashionable gear for explorers to find their personal best.

Sports fans, players and enthusiasts were all cheered by the array of stylish sports wear launched in this season’s Sport Chek seasonal picks.

The event styling and design had a fresh motivational flare with inspiration anecdotes that recharged the excitement of the coming season.

The seasonal preview  was a launch with a party styled as a woodsy campfire retreat with mulled wine and live music.

The outdoor urban space tucked adjacent to the Distillery District was a cozy setting and the guest sporting their new parkas enjoyed the campy setting.



Photographer Paul McNulty