Jessica Lee Photography shares the Romantic Berkeley Church wedding venue Toronto of Amanda and Tim and her process for capturing it so beautifully.

Which part of this wedding day experience do you feel made the biggest impression on you and how did it translate into your work?

As soon as I arrived, there was this feeling of calm that washed over me. Amanda and Tim are so genuinely sweet and loving and this carried through the rest of the day. I think this definitely came through in their images. Their faces and interactions exude pure joy and happiness.

What were some of the pivotal experiences that made you become a photographer?

I’ve always been a student of the arts. From my high school’s arts program where I was developing film in the darkroom, to studying and training in dance in university. Visual storytelling continues to draw me in, and all these experiences paved the way for me to become a photographer and share with others the way I see the world.

There is such a candid and whimsical feel to the wedding portraits you took of Amanda and Tim. What were some of your techniques for achieving this?

I really enjoy interacting with my couples and letting moments unfold naturally. As long as the vibe of the day is a positive one, the photos simply fall into place.

You utilized the front garden of the Berkeley Church to take a series of super fun and beautiful wedding portraits. You got some great candid shots of the family “being themselves.” What were your thoughts when you first saw these photographs?

Candid moments are my favourite! Kids are the best for these. They’re always so unpredictable and doing the most unexpected things!

What was the story behind Amanda’s fairy tale wedding dress and how did it inspire you in this setting?

Oh, that dress! I have dreams of that dress. It was stunning. I loved the movement it added to the photos.

What are some of the benefits of traveling as a photographer and what do these experiences bring to your experience as a wedding photographer?

Being in a new environment offers fresh experiences and sometimes challenges. I’ve traveled long distances, overseas for weddings, but also sometimes just to another town. Each adventure brings its own special influence and is always a great way to push yourself to grow a bit more, both as a person and as an artist.

Flora and Foliage created lush and stunning wedding arrangements. What was your impression of them and how did you choose to document them?

They were very vibrant and woodsy, so it was lovely seeing such a contrast against the light, neutral place settings. I wanted to showcase that in the photos.

The wedding ceremony was flooded with natural light and your photographs have a romantic ethereal quality to them. What were some of the considerations and preparations you made to succeed so well with in this setting?

The light in Berkeley Church is just wonderful! I work with my couples in their planning stages and offer tips for optimizing the best light for their wedding day. I use primarily natural light, and the venue offered that in abundance. The area around the venue also offered beautiful soft light as the sun was tucking behind the buildings, giving us many options for photos!

How did you capture the fun and playful side of your wedding couple  while still getting a good range of other moods captured in the photographs?

Being a silly person by nature helps! I love making people laugh, even if it’s at me, not with me. I try to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and invite my couples to be themselves and open up a little. I really want them to feel comfortable around me, and that’s something I strive for during every wedding and portrait session.

There are some romantic and moody still life photographs of the décor and table styling you captured and how did you use sculpt the light in the Berkeley Church to achieve such amazing results?

Again, the light at Berkeley is fabulous. I really wanted to use the light to enhance the textures in the arrangements, and make them appear to pop right out of the image.

You headed out into the surrounding neighborhood of Berkeley Church and sought out some urban and creative settings for portraits. What are some of the ways you approach these day of shoots to get such great results?

The right light makes all the difference! Combining that with authentic moments is how I create my images to tell the story of the day.

There is a great quote by Joao de Medeiros a wedding photographer from Portugal where he says “You shouldn’t look for beautiful things but you should search for feelings, emotions, relationships.” What do you think of this quote and how does it relate to your philosophy?

This quote is perfection. This is why I love photography. Beauty is everywhere and we’re lucky to have the ability to share how we see it through our eyes. To capture something “beautiful” is a skill, but to capture a feeling or emotion and document it in a beautiful way, is a gift.

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