Laura Olsen Events and Kimon Kaketsis photography on creating and capturing a Formal Boho dream wedding at Airship37 that was a true representation of Amanda and Jordan’s style and personality.

“Anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way.” Chuck Norris. What do you think of this quote in relation to planning and designing a wedding?

[LO] I think I’ve had very few clients who haven’t had some sort of stumbling block along the way. For example, the first obstacle is setting the budget. When they realize just how much a wedding can cost when they factor in all of their dream ideas. The reality is, very few people have the funds to accomplish what they think is is their dream wedding. It can be so overwhelming and sometimes a real punch to the gut when you feel like your dreams are being shattered. But what I love about it, is in the end, when they are forced to prioritize things, every single couple ends up being more authentic to themselves and couldn’t be happier when it all comes together in real life.

Ashley Elaine did the floral design with you for this wedding. The wedding had colourful blooms and lush foliage. What was the process for arriving at this design?

[LO] This wedding was a true collaboration. Amanda and Jordan have very different personal tastes, but they both really appreciate each other’s unique style, which was the key factor. Amanda’s style is bohemian while Jordan’s is formal. Ashley’s style is relaxed but refined while mine is timeless and authentic. By playing with the right floral varieties and shapes and colours, we managed to seamlessly blend the formal and boho styles. We made sure to balance it all out with plenty of white and shades of taupe and patterns that felt more formal.

How do you help a couple choose their cake, and work with the cake designer to ensure that it worked so well within the whole design scheme?

[LO] This was actually all Amanda and Jordan! I sent the design plan over to Caitlin at Cakelaine which included some inspiration for the cake, but Caitlin ran with it and it turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined. That’s what I love about working with her. She nails the couple’s style every single time.

You term the wedding Boho Formal. What about the Airship37 space lends itself to this design?

[LO] What I think is so beautiful about Airship 37 is its simplicity and the fact that the bones of the building have been embraced, as you’d expect in the bohemian style. But the smooth, crisp white walls offer that support and easy backdrop for a more formal style.

What would you say were the priorities Amanda and Jordan had for their wedding day and how did you ensure they were selected and highlighted in the final plans?

[LO] Regardless of their individual styles, Amanda and Jordan wanted the design to be a true reflection of them, at the same time as making their guests feel comfortable and at home. Managing the budget was also a big one and they were lucky enough to have resources at their fingertips to offer creative assistance with the direction given. So we managed to come up with something that felt comfortable, used what was available to them with the venue and upgraded a few things where we felt they would make most impact, ultimately bringing the budget in line with their dream vision.

How do you create a sense of wonder so effectively for all your couples at their weddings?

[LO] I think as a designer, it’s important to be a good listener, especially when you’re dealing with such a personal time in their lives. It’s about expanding on the ideas they have by finding which ones are the most important. We then narrow that down further to the ones that should be given the most attention and a focal point for guests. I ask them what their dream wedding would be if their current restrictions (whether budget, or space, or time) weren’t an issue, and figure out how we can still work to achieve that goal even if it’s on a smaller scale.

You site a favourite detail of the wedding as the crystals at each place setting. What in your experience does a personal unique addition like this add to a wedding?

[LO] I love when couples remember to include things about themselves in the design. This particular idea was all Amanda and Jordan’s brainstorming and it shared something fun and meaningful with their guests. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, but it does have big impact when your guests learn something new about you and your passions. It also sparks conversation amongst the guests, especially if they don’t know each other well!

You stylistically tied elements creatively together throughout the entire wedding design. For example utilizing the floral pattern from the invitation being added to the bar design. How does coming in at the very beginning of the wedding process enable you to help the couple have a seamless and exquisite experience?

[LO] The sooner I am involved in the planning process, the easier it is to brainstorm with my clients to cross elements from various pieces. It also gives us time to develop those ideas if they don’t come to us straight away – perhaps we have an idea, but then it grows or expands into another. It also allows us to properly budget for the big picture and allocate funds across the various requirements we feel are most important.

Talking with Kimon Kaketsis Photography.

How does a wedding express a couple’s intentions?

Weddings are a true representation of a couple’s style and personality.

What does Airship37 communicate to you as a setting for a wedding?

Its an amazing open concept space in the heart of downtown that can really be transformed into a wedding that truly represents the couple.

Every man/woman is more that just himself/herself; he/she also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world’s phenomena intercept, only once in this way, and never again.” Herman Hesse. What does this quote make you think of in relation to your role as a photographer.

What I think about when reading this quote, is exactly what I try to chase as a photographer, capturing significant and remarkable moments that can only happen once.

How does excellent photography do justice to the talents of the couple and the vision of their day?

I think excellent photography can only go so far, I think finding the right photographer with excellent photography and talents can really do justice for the couples vision on their day. The relationship between the photographer and couple is crucial.

You spoke about photography in a previous interview as follows “I was captivated by the power of photography to tap into the romanticism and nostalgia of an event, person or place.” How did you so effectively do all these things at the wedding of Amanda and Jordan?

There wedding was so clean and classic, simple yet lush. They were absolutely inseparable of the day and I wanted to capture that moment and romance of their connection, and tell a story that was timeless, I want them to look back on their wedding album years to come and I want it to feel like it was photographed yesterday.

Looking at the photographs it is evident that you appreciate all the elements of a wedding day and photograph each part with care and detail. What has reaffirmed the importance of this process for you?

That I’m merely there to document, that there are so many faucets that go into creating the day, and each one of them is equally as important as the next, I respect everyones hard work as i provides me a beautiful canvas to work with, and its important to me that i capture each and every element of the day to celebrate each and every vendors hard work, talent and dedication they gave to the clients.

You shot some stunning wedding portraits of Amanda and Jordan. Some were candid and then others had a more formal portraiture approach, How did you navigate, strategize and achieve these fabulous pictures?

That is exactly my strategy, throughout the day I capture candid images and fleeting moments. Though through planning and a tight itinerary we plan a portion of the day reserved for formal portraits. Then in the end product I sequence the images together within their album.

How did you sculpt a mood and atmosphere with natural light in the Airship37 space in your photographs?

Experience and training, I always strive to photograph a space that true represents its natural light and the mood and environment of the day

Looking back what surprised you about shooting this wedding?

There were no surprises, I knew the wedding like the back of my hand before the day even started. Though I was really floored with the insanely beautiful decor and florals and probably the most perfect wedding cake Ive ever seen.

Design | Laura Olsen Events

Photography | Kimon Kaketsis

Florals | Ashley Elaine Florals

Cake | Cakelaine

Venue | Airship 37

Officiant | Dick Combeer

Dress | Watters

Tux | Tiger of Sweden

DJ | Kushmin B