Bassem Wedding Photography shares their wise insights from photographing Claudia & Jason’s stylish intimate wedding day at Airship37 wedding venue Toronto.
What did you like best about the wedding of Claudia and Jason and how did you highlight this in your photographs?
We loved documenting Claudia & Jason’s wedding day because their photography vision matched our style perfectly!  They put their trust in us and let us do what we do best; capture their wedding day story as it naturally unfolded.  
You utilized the features of Airship37 so effectively in your wedding portraits such as the vintage bus and the entranceway to the Gooderham Lounge. How did you conceives of these viewpoints?
When we get to shoot at a location like Airship37 & the Distillery District, we’re like kids in a candy store!  There is so much to play with when it comes to the variety of different kinds of light, the unique architecture and overall ambiance of the venue.  It wasn’t hard to find beautiful places/backgrounds to utilize because they were everywhere!
You utilize an eye for graphic composition in many of your shots looking for symmetry and patterns. Are capturing these details something you prioritize when framing a shot? 
We spend a lot of time observing and anticipating moments before they even happen.  Part of that process is framing the subject in beautiful light and creating a composition that is pleasing to the eye.  When we find what we call the “trifecta”: the subject, the perfect location and getting the timing right, it’s the best feeling.  But that’s not where we sit down and kick our feet back! We keep pushing the limits, using different angles, incorporating the foreground or other artistic techniques to try and improve the first shot.
How do you work with your couple to ensure that the atmosphere and mood of their wedding is going to be optimal for exceptional photography?
We love using natural or the venue’s ambient lighting.  For us, one of the most important things is that when our couples look back at their photos, they’re instantly drawn back into their wedding and feel the photo is a true representation of the moment.  When possible, we like to visit a new venue ahead of time to get a sense for lighting and when that isn’t feasible we schedule in some time during the wedding day (usually while the bride takes some time to freshen up) to scope it out.
How do you handle shooting in a dim- lit room such as the evening of a wedding?
We LOVE our cameras because they have the capability of shooting in low-light situations.  However, when necessary, we also utilize off camera lighting to maintain as much of the ambiance as possible.
How do you tell the story of the wedding day through your photographs?
Our style is really hands off.  Letting the day naturally unfold results in photos that tell an authentic story.  Our goal at the end of each and every wedding is to provide our couples with memories that speak to their experience of their day. We want the photos to tell a story, their story, not one that we concocted or fabricated.  At the end of the day, real moments are more beautiful and moving than anything we could have posed or staged. For Claudia & Jason, it was so easy for us as having images that told a story was their priority too!
How do you catch the energetic moments of a wedding?
We love to have fun with our camera settings (like slowing down our shutter speeds to capture the motion of our subject) and we’re always on the hunt for moments that really encompass the essence of the day.  We also don’t underestimate the energy WE bring to the table.  One of our greatest and most frequent compliments (aside from “We LOVE our photos!!”) is that our presence and energy brought in an extra element of positivity and excitement to the day.  It really speaks to how much we love our jobs and being a part of our couples’ wedding day!
How do you allow for experimentation in your wedding day shoot while still ensuring you have fabulous results?
Working in a team of two photographers, we have the ability to capture images that are creative, artistic and natural.  While one of us is taking a photo of a couple in a more “traditional” position, that frees up the other to take a creative angle.  Throughout the day, we’re constantly changing roles and that helps fuel both of our creative outlets – not to mention it also feeds our competitive natures as we always compete to get the best shot of the day!
” If I waited for inspiration, I’d never have any work.” Chuck Close. What do you think of this quote in relation to your work as a photographer?
We are so fortunate to be able to wake up and do what we LOVE!  We don’t have to wait for inspiration, we find it in everything we do.  Our couples, their families, the stories we hear on the wedding day, all of these things give us inspiration.  There is no waiting around for it when you’re passionate about your work and driven to provide an amazing experience and documented memories for your couples.
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