Lisa K Events planning and design wedding and events planned and styled a Pantone- inspired modern day bride princess shoot co-produced by Mandy Calligraphy and design and captured by Avenue Photo at La Maquette event venue Toronto.

In conversation with Lisa Khan from Lisa K Events on planning and styling this Toronto wedding shoot.

What was the original inspiration for the concept of this styled shoot?

The original inspiration came from the venue, La Maquette. We had visited a few other locations before but when we saw La Maquette it was something different. The Cinderella Solarium has very unique features and was a space that stood out to us. We already had the colours in mind and just needed to find a space to develop the shoot — the Cinderella Solarium was exactly what we were looking for.

How did the setting of La Maquette work well for this project? 

La Maquette has several different rooms! The Cinderella Solarium, in particular, worked with the concept as we were looking for a room with an abundance of natural lighting and the solarium was just perfect!

 In your experience what are some of the benefits of having a smaller intimate wedding?

Some of the benefits of having a smaller wedding are that you are able to talk to all your guests and spend more time with each person. Depending on the budget you can be more over the top when it comes to décor and floral — I mean, who wouldn’t want that! As you would be saving in other areas, you can also do DIYs and there’s less stress with guest management. The guest list is something I find to be challenging for most of my couples. They always start off with one number and the list ends up growing which makes the wedding more costly.

How did co-creating this style shoot with Mandy Calligraphy work effectively to create such excellent results?

I had an excellent experience co-creating with Mandy! We are both creative individuals who bring a lot to the table. There was a thorough thought process that took place before we finalized the details and we were constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. We are both easy to work with and I think that’s what contributed to such a successful shoot.

What was the process for putting together your creative team for the shoot?

We both pooled together previous vendors we had worked with that would best suit the shoot. Not only did we look at their work but we considered their personalities as well. We really had a great team of ladies!

How did planning this shoot reflect how you work with couples planning their wedding day?

I am extremely organized, detail-oriented and patient. There were times where things did not always go the way we planned. Initially, we were unable to find someone to create the floral pieces. I ended up creating them all, which is something I just started learning and playing around with. In many cases with my clients, a lot of last minute things pop up where I have to problem solve and this was a perfect example of that. Also, I had a personal family emergency that took place during our shoot but I was still able to deliver all the things that I committed to and much, much more! As an event planner, I try my best to go above and beyond for clients, even when personal things arise.

The levity and detailed intricate elements of the princess shoot were matched by some bold elements. How did you arrive at a successful balance in the end design?

We wanted it to be bold and feminine and in doing so had to strive for balance. We created two different looks on our model. For the first look, she had a soft lip and hair down and then for the second look she had a dark lip with her hair up. We also had a few different shades of the purples that were soft and then darker.

What was the narrative of this styled shoot and how did creating it highlight the strengths of all of the talented individuals involved?

We wanted to create a wedding for the modern bride who is soft and feminine yet also exudes a boldness that is raw and captivating. By focusing on the details we were able to highlight everyone’s talents and create a cohesive, captivating shoot. The space was so elegant, we incorporated soft and rich florals, we had a dramatic wedding dress with a cape, two different makeup and hair looks, a statement piece cake, elegant furniture, a variety of stationery that had gold foil, grand signage mirrors, chinaware, teacups, flatware and decor pieces. We had an amazing model that was so sweet to work with. Our photographer was so funny. We had a lot of laughs throughout the day with Margaret, she is so AMAZING!

Which part of the design were you most pleased with when it all came together?

The table was absolutely stunning after we placed the décor, floral, chinaware, teacups, flatware, glasses and candles. You see all these pieces in your head,  plan for months but when you see it for the first time it really is indescribable. This is how I feel about every event I execute.

Interview with Mandy Calligraphy and design on planning and styling this shoot.

What were some of the benefits of being involved in the whole creative process from the start and how did that inform your work?

I have been a part of many style shoots before including being featured in WedLuxe. This time, I took the lead with Lisa and created The Modern Cinderella from beginning to end. I got to experience the creative freedom of giving birth to a concept, and it had its challenges and rewards.

What was the process for establishing the colour palette for the styled shoot and how did it inform your creative process?

Once we’ve had the vision of the Modern Cinderella, the colour palette came so naturally. We chose a combination of dark violets, lilacs, and golds because these are colours of the royals. We knew this was the perfect representation of the modern princess.

What are some of the ways this styled shoot could be built out into a real wedding day design?

The beauty of this style shoot is it can be effortlessly carried out in a real wedding. Our designs were both beautiful and multifunctional. We used both real flowers and silk flowers to create a lush centre piece. Our stationery pieces were both place cards and decorative accessories. We used creative ways to execute our style shoot, and because of the flexibility in our designs, it can easily be translated into a real day wedding.

How did you estimate the quality of light that the styled shoot would have and what were some of your creative choices based on this?

We had two criterias for our style shoot and its lighting: 1. The Venue and 2. The photographer. We looked at countless of venues and fell in love with La Maquette’s Cinderella Solarium because of the windows and lighting. Also, I have worked with Margaret before and I love her work! We knew this La Maquette and Avenue Photography will bring out the best of our design.

Which elements of the styled shoot do you feel complimented the calligraphy work you created for the project?

As a Calligrapher, I create pieces that reflect the artistic expression of the couple which in this case, the Modern Cinderella. Our concept has given me the freedom to design the most whimsical and luxurious stationery to date. My favourite are the four hues of purple gold-foiled invitation suites and the custom made butterfly place cards!

Having a passion for the written word and expressing yourself through calligraphy brings a thoughtful timeless element to a wedding design. What are some of the ways you work with clients to bring out the creative expression of their big day?

When I work with my clients, our design consultations are always over cappuccinos and food. These meetings usually consists of them openly sharing with me their love stories and I am responding by showing them pantone colour samples, sketching monograms, and calligraphy art pieces. The goal of our time together is to reflect the couple’s artistic expressions into lasting first impressions through invitations and stationery.

Photography: Avenue Photo
Co- Producer, Concept Creator, Creative Director & Florals: Lisa K Events 
Co- Producer, Concept Creator, Creative Director, Stationery Design & Signage: Mandy Calligraphy & Design
Décor: Vintage Bash
Flatware, Tableware, Chinaware & Tea Cups: Sweet Bee Tea Story
Venue: La Maquette 
Hair & MUA: Chanda Luy Toronto/vaughan make-up artist
Dress, Shoes & Earrings: Camellia Wedding Gown
Model Agency: Plutino Group