Rethink Breast Cancer held a  barnyard bash at Boobyball Mini on Old MacDonald’s family farm at Airship37.  All proceeds from this event went directly to Rethink Breast Cancer’s mission to empower young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer including some resources for families dealing with cancer. Alicia Thurston Photography discusses the process and importance of photographing meaningful fundraisers like this one.
What about being a photographer continues to fascinate you?
Photography is how we remember. Many of my childhood memories are enhanced or in some cases only exist because of the photos we have in albums. I think that documenting the real moments in our lives is such a gift and I feel lucky to be part of that. I love being with people in their happiest times. 
How did you first become involved with ReThink breast cancer?
I ran into Cat and Nat one day about 3 years ago and I recognized Nat… we ran through all the places from the past and finally remembered that we were in Grade 9 together. That led us to connect on FB and a short while later she passed along my name to Rethink Breast Cancer and I’ve been working with them ever since. 
What do you think is the main benefit of documenting non profit events and how does sharing the fundraiser on social media help communicate the message of the organization?
I think the biggest benefit is for the sponsors. Photos help to show the success of the event so that the sponsors are satisfied with their contribution as well as to engage with future sponsors. Sharing on social media has the same benefit for sponsors with the added bonus of attracting a larger audience and drawing in more people who may be interested in attending future events. 
What made the setting of Airship37 work well for this event?
Airship37 is a beautiful venue with tons of large window and as a natural light photographer, it’s pretty dreamy to be able to document everything with available light. It’s a nice size for the Boobyball Mini because the kids can have fun while parents can socialize, yet you are never too far away from your little one so it feels comfortable to let them have a bit of independence. The two rooms also offered two different experiences and a place to hold the VIP event with Cat and Nat. 
How do you approach helping a non profit brand their event?
Rethink Breast Cancer reached out to me to ask if I would be interested. I love what they do so it was an easy “Yes” for me.
How did the theme contribute to the event and make it more fun to capture?
Rethink is so creative with their themes. I have so much fun capturing all the details every year as it’s always so different from the year before. This years theme was barnyard fun, the kids always have a blast dressing up and it’s great to see all the different costumes. 
How did having Kat and Nat at the event contribute to the enjoyment and spirit of the day and what how did having photographed them previously enhance your ability to so effectively capture the event? 
Moms can relate to Cat and Nat and the two of them have created such a large community of women wanting to help and support other women. This fits in well with the goals of Rethink so having the added reach of Cat and Nat’s network can be very helpful. I’ve photographed them a few times and love it, they are so easy to work with and we always have fun. I think working together in the past just makes everyone comfortable on both sides, we know what to expect. 
What are some of the key elements that made this event fun and how did you capture it so effectively?
The Magen Boys are amazing entertainment for the kids, my kids were on the dance floor for hours and capturing dancing is always the best. 
Having other activities like a reading corner, the Gap craft area, a play area and babysitters to watch over the little ones and face painting all made the whole experience exciting for the kids. As for photography, when kids are having fun, my job is easy.