Inside the creative process of a South Asian Wedding style shoot at Berkeley Bicycle Club with Sarah Pritchard Owner and Director of The Essential Details.

You state in your profile that happiness is not about everything being perfect, but stringing together all the little things. Can you describe how this belief translates into your design work?

When planning an event you aim for your perfect vision and that is compiled of all the different aspects that make your event special (colour scheme, music, guest list, weather, food & much more!). What I like to remind myself is that nothing is perfect. Regardless of how hard you try there will always be one detail or hiccup that is beyond your control. Happiness is only achieved when you are able to bring all those aspects together seamlessly and although it may not be perfect it still brings happiness. I love this quote because although I like to always strive for perfection it is always better to strive for happiness.

What was the original spark of inspiration behind. the South Asian inspired shoot you did at Berkeley bicycle Club?

I was partnered with Amanda Reid (makeup Artist) whom inspired the South Asian Shoot. Amanda has worked with many South Asian brides and worked to find the perfect outfit to compliment the venue. Amanda was key for this shoot as she knows exactly how to properly mount all the jewelry and hair pieces we added.

How would you describe the colour palette choices you made for this shoot and how did you keep the design synchronized for such a cohesive look?

The colour palette was based off of the outfits we chose. South Asian weddings love to use very different colour combinations then western weddings. This gives us the opportunity to really think outside the box because there are no rules. We did a deep purple velvet outfit to begin and then changed into a purple and orange outfit.

How did the setting of the Berkeley Bicycle club inform your design choices?

Berkeley Bicycle Club has gorgeous dark wood accents and regal touches which definitely inspired the gold touches and deep colours chosen.

How did you arrive at your floral design with Delta Dawn Floral and what were you most pleased with in the end result?

I have worked with Delta Dawn over the past few years and have always loved their work. The shoot was fairly last minute so I reached out to Kim and said can you make me a bouquet with purples. Kim is amazing and I can always trust her to pull through in a crunch. The florals she created were beyond my expectations and complimented the outfits perfectly.

If you were to build this style shoot out into a real. intimate wedding what would you add in?

To make this style shoot into a full blown wedding we would need to add quite a bit. From tables, chairs, linen, décor and more there would be a lot to add to this. I would focus on the regal elements of the venue at Berkeley Bicycle Club and help to compliment the room with antique touches.

How does this style shoot reflect some of your favourite choices for the weddings you design and plan?

This shoot I believe really focuses on the pure beauty of a bride on her wedding day. I find often we get so caught up in the glitz and glam of our weddings that we need to remember the day is truly about the bride and grooms happiness. Seeing a bride with nothing else extra around her allows you to really take in her true bridal bliss. I am also obsessed with the bridal bouquet which I believe always is a must have for a gorgeous wedding!

How did you collaborate with the photographer to get such stunning results?

Dylan Photography was awesome! They worked so hard to get perfect shots. I love when photographers notice the little details like how a dress is sitting or which areas we should shoot from. It was great working with Dylan and his team because they really take charge and ensure all the perfect shots happen. Even though we had a few shots we wanted to do Dylan made use of the entire room and that is where we got some of the best shots!


The Essential Details

Floral Design : Delta Dawn Florals 

Photographer : Dylan Photography

Hair & Makeup Design: Amanda Reid Makeup

Berkeley Bicycle Club