Patrick Starrr has been described as a  famous makeup artist, youtube, influencer and absolutely fabulous. Patrick Starrr was at the 1871 Berkeley Church to launch and celebrate his new floral inspired M·A·C full face kits as part of #Patricklovescanada.

The 1871 Berkeley Church was the perfect setting to present the lush, vibrant enchanted imagery of the floral theme in a seamlessly well designed presentation throughout the space. The warmth and creativity of the exquisite design reflected Patrick Starr’s message “life opens up when you do”.

Berkeley Catering created treats on brand, yummy and pretty.

The chance to see Patrick Starrr in person was an opportunity that local influencers, make up artists, beauty bloggers and fans embraced with a fierce joy filled enthusiasm.

Starr’s new collection Floral Realness has vibrant, bold lush hues and the packaging is pure art.

Patrick Starrr describes what it is like collaborating with Mac now “It’s so crazy. Just looking at the images we shot, it’s such a pinch-me moment. This is going to go where I used to work, so I wanted to represent my blossom story, which is why I went with a floral theme. I also think it’ll be really special for a little girl or a little boy to see someone so different. It’s a new time.”

“I wanted to use a platform like YouTube to exemplify diversity to the masses.” Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr’s Makeup Is A One Size Fits All philosophy is relevant to his audience through his You Tube video tutorials and his in person presentations. “He also brought expertise and experience to the table, himself having worked as a professional makeup artist with an impressive portfolio. Starrr’s “Makeup Is A One Size Fits All” philosophy made it easy for millions of subscribers to relate to his useful tutorial videos.”

“Beauty ideals and perceptions are just going to continue to diminish because we as a community—whether on social media, YouTube, or professional artists—are transforming and breaking them down. There shouldn’t be any standards to beauty. So I choose to just keep doing me—unapologetically, authentically, fearlessly me. Makeup is one size fits all.” Patrick Starrr

Mac Cosmetics Canada

Photographer Arthur Mola

1871 Berkeley Church

Berkeley Catering