Meagan Holden owner and Lead Stylist of Siren Designs in conversation on the planning and design of  Kwan Yu and Jimmy’s stylish modern Airship37 wedding strikingly captured by Olive Photography.

What part did you play in the wedding of Kwan You and Jimmy?
I was hired on as Kwan Yu and Jimmy’s day of coordinator and stylist!

How do you ensure that your couples can create the look they want with the budget they have allocated?
I always tell clients to keep an open mind and be realistic! Magazines and pinterest can be fantastic, but also deceiving. What looks like simple floral arrangements or easy DIY decor, can turn into extremely out of season expensive bouquets or very expensive decor rentals. Even for the one track mind bride, I always come to the table with alternative options that fit their budget but don’t jeopardize their vision.

What is your process for communicating the wedding design with your couples?
I really pride myself on investing personally into each of my couples. From the day we meet I spend time genuinely learning about all their likes and dislikes. Initially, I always let them walk me through what their ‘dream’ is for their big day, and slowly build off that. I do everything old school, notepad in hand, writing, scribbling, jotting ideas and designs down as we go. After our meetings I shuffle through everything and piece together ultimately their dream day. From there they either add to or switch up smaller elements (whether it be trendy, or something they saw done differently) and we coordinate changes to our design plans. Couples nowadays usually have a pretty good idea about what they want, I just help them physically pull it all together!

How would you describe the wedding style of Kwan Yu and Jimmy and how did it suit the venue choice so well?
Kwan Yu and Jimmy’s wedding was modern and romantic with just a hint of rustic in their reception space. It was really fun to be able to fit all different elements into all the events throughout the day while utilizing the unique venues spaces.

What did the urban outdoor space at Airship37 add to the wedding experience?
It really put fun relax vibe to the whole atmosphere. After the ceremony and dinner I find a lot of guests gravitated to the outdoor space and were having a great time hanging out under the strung lights and taking turns hanging out in the bus!

How do you plan for transitions from each part of the wedding day to ensure it is seamless?
A lot of communication, readiness, and always being on my toes! There really is no rest for the wicked in this industry. I always prepare a very detailed timeline, vendor contacts, floor plan, and final details plans in my client folder that I always have with me incase anything were to go astray. Always have a back up plan, whether its picture locations or weather adjustments and you will never catch me without a watch on! However, I am always prepared for worst case scenarios (praying that nothing actually happen) but I take a deep breath and push through if they do!

What are your go-to places for inspiration when you are in the designing stage of a wedding?
I feel like this is really cliche but Pinterest for sure! I get sucked into scrolling through hundreds of colour palettes and tablescapes in my free time. I also love magazines, photographers blogs, and follow a lot of decorators and designers on instagram from all over the world.

wedding reception all set up in modern loft venue with white table cloths and arrangements of white flowers

What was your process for working with the couple and the florist to integrate the florals into the design process?
Kwan Yu knew what she wanted! I just mentioned to keep it simple when she consulted with me about the design of the floral arrangements. We kept it simple with white and greens. She had a vision to tie her theme together and Cool Green and Shady came up with these incredible arrangements, we corresponded back and forth about accent greenery and decor we were providing and made sure arrangements were versatile that could be reused during room transitions!

wedding ceremony set up with candles and white flowers in vases at each aisle

bride and bridesmaids posing with white bouquets of wedding flowers

white flowers in white vases with candles styled for wedding reception

whit flower arrangement on wedding table with table seat sign 13

How does your background in design, fashion, visual arts and business management come into play in your business?

I’ve always had a creative spark since I was a little girl (my mother could testify to this) I knew my whole life exactly what I wanted to do. It was easy for me to launch a business that was the best of both worlds. I learned a lot on my own and in school about design, trend forecasting, colour palettes, complimentary colours and textures, pulling together themes and looks that were esthetically pleasing and client based, all while learning to balance timelines and time management, budgets, dealing with vendors or clients, and always showcasing the best of my abilities in everything I do.

lover shot of bride and groom at wedding ceremony

table styling of modern wedding on wooden harvest table

What choices did you make with Kwan Yu and Jimmy that had the biggest positive results on the wedding day?

With all events/weddings, there are always hiccups! I had a lot of trust invested in me on behalf of Kwan Yu and Jimmy and I took control of a few unfortunate situations without raising any red flags to the couple or guests. I won’t call anything out specifically because I still don’t think they know the whole story of what actually happened that day, but we did a lot of last minute footwork and shuffling to ensure a flawless transition throughout the course of events in such a short amount of time. I always know it was a job well done when nobody knows what happened except the people behind the scenes 🙂

bride and groom dancing in modern venue in wedding attire


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