Inspire Event Rental creates a Magical styled shoot at La Maquette expressing the creativity and Interests that make up their superstar team  photographed by Brandon Taylor Photography.


What was the inspiration behind your la maquette branding style shoot ?

We really wanted to show our creativity and have a bit of fun with the shoot. Most planners and designers in the industry set-up an event design, perhaps a table, florals, balloons etc. for their ads. However we almost wanted to create a magical little world that resembled bits of our individual characteristics, personalities and interests.
What was your process for developing the themes and storylines for the shoot ?
Well we really tried to have everyone’s personality come out in their individual shots. Erika at a tea party surrounded by cakes and sweets, Kayla in a wonderland of balloons and Britt with her books in a little nature inspired setting. All of these settings have touches of event decor or event aspects in them (ie. Balloons, cakes, a floral arbour etc) but we presented them in a new interesting way that allowed us to play with our imagination and creativity.

What did you want the images to communicate about your brand and what have been some of the results of this project ? 
We take on many projects at Inspire, not just weddings or events. We take on photo shoot design, birthday parties, trade show booth designs, advertisement styling, etc. Rather than focusing our team shoot on just an event setting we decided to show our creativity instead designing a interesting little world rather than just an event set.

How big a part would you say does having the ability to articulate your brand concisely and in an engaging way matter to a business ?
Our brand isn’t just a look or a style, it’s our personality as a team, our down to earth attitudes, our humour and sarcasm, our creativity and perseverance. All of these characteristics together make up what our brand has come to be. Articulating our brand concisely in an engaging way is so important to us as we strongly believe that showing the world exactly who we are will bring us the clients that we most appreciate. The clients who understand that we value our relationships with them, that we work towards understanding who they are in order to create unique designs custom to them, and that we work hard leave them happy that they had trusted us with their vision.

Why la maquette what did the venue add to your shoot ?
The venue La Maquette has so many areas inside and outside with different themes and styles, that it perfectly suited what we were trying to accomplish with our team shoot. We wanted each set to feel completely different from the last, and with La Maquette’s open windows with touches of nature, bits of contemporary decor and bright airy spaces it set the perfect scene for each team member’s unique setting.