The Yoga Weekend Pop up at Bright Lights was a super energized uplifting event with a star line up of Yogis, dj and ecstatic dance experience.

theyogaweekend was created out of helping each other rise to the next version of ourselves within our own paths. We feel the enormity of generosity for the roads that were carved by women in the 19th century so we could choose our purpose, live our purpose, and share our passions freely. We feel immensely honoured to be part of the community YOU help to build.” The Yoga Weekend

Bright Lights with its open concept, greenhouse inspired space was the perfect fit for this flowing uplifting pop up event.

The pop up brought a lot of the original Yoga Weekend camp vibrant energetic energy into the urban space.

The messaging of what the Yoga weekend encapsulates is empowering and inclusive.

“Choose to raise your vibe today.
We all have a bag of excuses, backstories, and scars.
Choose bigger and brighter.
The universe will bring more of what you do want when you focus your thoughts on that which lifts you; love, joy, courage, adventure, peace.
Choose well.
Live well.” The Yoga Weekend

“A Yoga Practice & Ecstatic Dance party to connect, feel freedom and let loose!” The Yoga Weekend.

A handful of the Yoga Weekend crew  lead participants  through meditation, mobility work, and a yin/yang flow.

The collective experience and energy of the teachers created a dynamic and elevated experience as they seamlessly lead the guests through the sequencing.

Then together, everyone  raised the vibrations with a guided ecstatic dance party. All to the mystical beats by DJ Carmelinda.

Yogis were nourished with refreshments & swag courtesy of Greenhouse Juice, Nutbar Co., & The Detox Market. Bring your mat and spirited heart!

Moving us with love; Sari Nisker-FoxJen BirenbaumLisa MessinaTracey SoghratiParia Mirazimi and Carmelinda Dimanno

A portion of proceeds to support New Leaf Foundation

The Yoga Weekend

Sari Fox

Jen.B Home 

Messina Movement

Tracey Soghrati Yoga

Paria Mirazimi

Carmen Dimanno Yoga 

Bright Lights Event Venue

photos : Paul McNulty