Camp in the city was a professional development opportunity with Starts Beyond at Bright Lights Event venue with presentations that non-profits pros could learn from.

The camp was presented by Beyond, a full service consulting and event production firm.

“I think it’s really important when we work with our clients to understand who they really are and through that build an actual program for them. So while you can’t be everything to everyone with one event I think how you work with what your theme is, what your brand is, what your message is, I think you can take all those pieces and turn it into a social program.” Amy Milne excerpt from Style6 interview.

“We know you deserve more than one professional development opportunity a year, so that’s where Camp in the City comes in.  This half-day #UNconference is jam-packed with speakers and session leaders from the non-profit and for-profit sector.  With a wide range of topics, there’s something for everyone.  And it wouldn’t be a Camp Beyond event without arts & crafts, yummy snacks and a few cocktails, so we have plenty of those too!”  Camp in the city

Bright Lights was an ideal setting for the conference with its open concept brightly lit space with an in-house greenhouse.

Client Success Manager Maggie Brennan from Donor Drive presented the top fundraising trends for the Starts Beyond conference. You can read their progress report

Some highlights from the report are the best practices for  recruiting, retention techniques and sharing relevant data and how you can create an amazing fundraising experience. The report shares tips on how to get clients to give a damb about your mission.

Creating a conversation with the presenters and the attendees is a dynamic way to share experiences and introduce new tools and insights.

Presenting case studies and the specific systems and frameworks that were effective allowed attendees to accelerate their learning curve.

Starts Beyond brought the spirited interactive energy of their fall camp retreat to the nature inspired space of Bright Lights.

Amy Milne brought her teams extensive experience in the event, public relations and fundraising expertise to the camp in the city conference.

I got into event planning originally because I wanted to plan – I originally was a child and youth worker, I wanted to help people find a voice and then I ended up in event planning. I literally ended up in event planning and fell in love with the logistics. I planned massive events. My very first event job was with the weekend and breast cancer which was a 60 kilometer walk through the streets of Toronto. As we planned that event I watched regular everyday people collectively raise over 12.1 million dollars. I was in love with the human spirit and what people could do and through that the fundraising and watching other people help other people selflessly became vitally important to me. Amy Milne Excerpt from Style6ix


Bright Lights Event Venue 


Donor Drive

Photos: Paul McNulty and Co

Story : Branded By Hand