Alicia Thurston Photography captures the passion and love of Stan and Tasha at Bright Lights event venue just before their intimate wedding with friends and family,

What was the ideas that sparked  the first look of Tasha and Stan at Bright Lights?

Tasha and Stan wanted something really intimate, their day was about the two of them. In our meeting before the wedding they told me about their passionate connection and I wanted to capture that piece. With the threat of major thunderstorms, we needed a plan to take our session inside and I immediately thought of Bright Lights because I had recently seen an event take place there and loved the space. We completely lucked out with the time slot being available and snagged it up. We all commented that the space at Bright Lights was so much better than we had originally planned for outside.

The time before just getting married is a very unique moment with so much going on ! How do you direct specifically the first look ?
Well, Tasha and Stan were unique in that there wasn’t really a first look. I arrived at their apartment that afternoon and hung out with the two of them while they helped each other get ready for the day, kind of dreamy if you ask me!
Their wedding ceremony was just immediate family with a dinner reservation, very sweet and intimate. That was sort of the theme of the day and I loved every minute of it!

Tasha and Stan who are clearly in love chose to have some wedding day portraits at Bright Lights. What did they express they wanted to capture ?
They definitely wanted to capture their passion. They were both nervous to have photos taken, as I find most people are, but after a glass of champagne and some photos behind us, I don’t think nerves were an issue at all. Tasha and I knew each other previously and she said she knew that I would be able to photograph them in a way they felt comfortable, the trust they had in me was awesome and so appreciated.

What were your first thoughts about Bright Lights event venue when you saw it and how did you utilize it to create these beautiful pictures ?

Gosh, it’s just stunning at Bright Lights! It feels so European and really had me searching for beautiful ways to play with the light that danced around through the floor to ceiling windows. I was kind of in paradise with all the texture and charm, it certainly made for an effortless creative process. We had so much fun.

Alicia Thurston Photography

Bright Lights Event venue