Toronto Business Babes created a signature Mompreneur Event. The evening was planned to kick off spring and celebrate all the MOMs in our lives! A panel of women helped shed some light on the power of multitasking and  time management for busy entrepreneurs at Bright Lights Event Venue.

Business Babes Collective is a global network of entrepreneurial women founded on the ideas of collaboration, connection, and community.

The Business Babes host networking events, online workshops, webinars, masterminds, and courses for women in business. Their chapters include Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego, Victoria and Toronto.The Toronto Business Babes chapter leader is Lauren Smith who curated this beautiful inspired evening.

The beautifully styled and curated event was captured by Kathy Spence Branding Photographer.

With the intention to connect people with passion through signature experiences and events, every detail at Bright Lights event space has been carefully curated to ensure that every occasion is a special one. 

A quote shared on the Business Babe Collective media is Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world – Margaret Mead. This belief in the power of community and joining together is reflected in the infrastructure of all of the Business Babe partner cities.

The Affirmation Company was present at the event sharing the power of affirmations and sharing stories of how positive self-talk, confidence and self love contribute to your health wellbeing and success. One of the key messages was how sharing and being vulnerable can connect you at the heart level 💗🗣⁣⁣.

Anna Lozano entrepreneur sharing stories from her personal experience.

” When you look through someone’s social media it’s easy to make judgements. It’s easy to make comparisons. It’s easy to say “oh this must just be easy for them”, or “they’re just lucky.”⁣⁣
The truth is – we are all growing through something, struggling through something, obsessing about something, and sometimes we feel so alone going through it as we think no one will be able to relate..” .⁣⁣Anna Lozano

“Separately but simultaneously, we have been on self-discovery and personal development journeys. In making small and subtle changes in our day-to-day experiences, and in becoming more aware of our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions, our lives literally transformed.” Love powered CO.

” Self-love is a practice. It’s a voyage. One that takes commitment, compassion, and a whole lot of forgiveness.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣Today, when you look in the mirror, we hope you can see what we see…⁣Someone who has lived, and is living. A beautiful goddess who, just as she is in this very moment, is worthy of joy, of peace, and of love.⁣ And today, if you just can’t see it, forgive yourself and try again tomorrow🙏 Love Powered Co

Alana from MomsTo is a community builder. She is a seasoned event and marketing professional. She planned detailed events and strategies for startups, non profit organizations and corporations. After having her first child she began her process of connecting with other moms that lead her to the creation of MomsTo.

Moms TO was a fabulous addition to the panel as they have extensive experience facilitating opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and have developed dynamic ways MomsTO is redefining maternity leave. We are a group of open minded, fun loving moms who are making our mark by ensuring no mom is left behind in the trials and tribulations of motherhood. There is truly no sisterhood like motherhood and we are in it together.The millennial mom movement✖️We are fun loving, life living ladies. Reinventing motherhood, giving moms a great day! Momsto 

Natasha Gauthier Little was a dynamic panelist sharing her experiences balancing work and life and the importance of positivity and being open to new connections.

The evening was created to facilitate networking and the beginning of new conversations while relaxing and listening to fabulous tunes.

There were Appetizers and treats and a chance to shop from local vendors.

The event was a great opportunity to talk with the vendors about their products and process.

You did not have to be a mom to attend the event, some participants brought their mom or simply brought themselves:)

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