Toronto Bride Thanh Dinh and husband Robert share the Exquisite details of their wedding day at Airship37 that everyone falls in love with captured by Olive Photography and planned by Designed Dream.

It really showed in your wedding album that you wanted your guests to experience your interests and share in your self expression as a couple . This was evident in all the personal touches . What were some of the choices you made to accomplish this?

There were so many details that we hold close to our hearts – these were certainly a few of our favourites:

Our ‘Guestbook’ was a poster created using the album cover photo of the Engagement CD Robert used to propose. We had the image illustrated with elements from a sci-fi television series we both love – Dr. Who- which included a reference to companionship and a quote written in the fictional language from the show (those circular clusters that surround our silhouette, that’s the beautiful written language of Gallifrey!)

Again infusing our engagement as a décor element, I forged lyrics from the songs on our engagement mix into paper roses and had them sit centre of our reception tables.

The beautifully crafted folded book art – was a gift from our dear friends. It illustrated our initials and wedding date – using a copy of Neil Gaiman’s, Stardust. This was the perfect addition to our décor collection as it’s one of my favourite love stories and Robert’s favourite author. We also chose an excerpt written by Neil Gaiman as a reading for our ceremony.

How did you arrive at the beautiful words in the frame outside the venue?

These were the words to our first dance. Robert has been known to share his love for music by creating mixed CDs for everyone. ‘Lost Together’ by Blue Rodeo was a song on the very first  CD he made for me.

What were some of your go to places for inspiration when you first approached your wedding vision?

We first looked at what parts of ourselves we wanted to infuse into our wedding to make it that much more personal. For Robert, we wanted to sprinkle touches of his love for science-fiction.  For me, I’m a sentimental person so creating items that illicit a memory and held meaning was a must. We also drew inspiration from the romantic old world charm of the Czech Republic –  a trip we took together shortly after we were engaged.

There is a beautiful shot of you standing looking over the head table all set up, there is a sense that the attention to detail and personalization of the wedding design was very successful?

Our reception room reveal was one of the highlights of our wedding day for me. Our team of vendors went above and beyond to make us feel so incredibly special. Each detail in our wedding planning was so personal  – we wanted to ensure that our guests felt the intimate and personal vibe through all of our deliberate details. To see all of our months of planning, the vision we had scripted from paper actualized before my eyes was surreal.

Fidan your planner from Designed Dream weddings knew the airship37 space intimately having planned and styles there previously. What benefits does being versed in the space afford in the planning process?

Fidan being well versed in the spaces of Airship37 paired with her wealth of experience in the wedding industry was definitely how our wedding day flowed so well. Not only did she share in our love for this beautiful space but by knowing the venue intimately she was able to help elevate the details of our wedding design perfectly.

What words would you use to describe your wedding style?

Romantic, Intimately Ours, and Brushed with an Old-World Charm

How do you feel Olive Photography so successfully told the story of your wedding day ? 

Anastasia was fully present in all the delicate moments of our wedding day but never overpowering – She has this incredible talent of seamlessly fitting in with everyone and with the flow of our day.  This played a huge part in allowing our story to unfold so organically through the photos. Her keen eye and love for love also helps as she follows the energy to capture those tender in-between moments.

What is the story of your beautiful wedding day dresses?

My white ceremony dress was a dream. The dress flowed so softly with just the right amount of captivating lace detail. It fit perfectly with the way I wanted to feel on my wedding day: ethereal and delicate.

As a nod to my Vietnamese roots I included a custom, red lace ‘Ao Dai’ or Vietnamese traditional ‘long dress’ as my evening attire. The Ao Dai is designed to accent and flow with the elegance of the female body – and I had always looked forward to wearing one on my wedding day.

How did you co-ordinate with all the vendors that worked on the wedding day and what were some of the ways it all came together so seamlessly?

While we certainly lucked out with our incredible vendors and how easy going each and every one was. We credit the success and flow of our wedding day to our  coordinators at Designed Dream . Fidan and her team gained our trust from the very beginning and  took all the stress away from us. The level of expertise these ladies hold truly paid off –- we wouldn’t have been able to soak in as much of our wedding as we did without them!

What decision did you make in the planning process that you think paid off the most ?

We started by choosing a venue that made us repeatedly fall in love with it every time we spoke about it – A space that was unique and we could easily envision our favourite people mingling through it. When it came to our vendors the most important element to us was that we felt comfortable with who we chose to be by our side on our wedding day. We trusted our gut with many of the major decisions and the end result was a team of people who reflected what was important to us as a couple with a killer space to show case it all.

What was the vision behind your stunning wedding alter?

We wanted something that would fit in the raw and industrial vibe of the Hanger space at Airship37  but also illicit that soft romance. Our florist, Andreea helped solidify this statement piece. When she showed us a photo of the copper arbour with the a symmetrical adornment of florals and greenery we knew it was the perfect accent backdrop. I also wanted to include a circular element to symbolize the beauty of eternity. Finding those oh so dreamy dreamcatchers to hang on the arbour completed this vision.

What are some of the top things you urge just engaged couples to consider in their wedding planning? 

The planning process will prove to be a whirlwind of trials. Take a step back and decide together a few of the most important elements you want to take away from your day and focus on those to tell your love story. Also, when everyone tells you it all goes by too fast, believe them. So hire people you trust and then trust your team – let them do their thing while you breathe in your beautiful day.

What was your process for including florals into the overall design?

Whimsical, soft, with a subtle pop of deep colour was the vision for my bouquet. Andreea from Wild Vogel Works was brilliant with this. She selected the perfect combination of flowers and foliage – each stem dancing in their own intricate details. And of course, I needed that statement piece: my xerographica air plant queen to pack in that final punch for my ultimate dream bouquet.  Andreea helped piece my vision together so beautifully. We spoke about adding flowers to the reception tables that would elevate that effortless romance vibe without overwhelming all the personalized details. The final result were the most deliciously eye catching blooms to adorn the prettiest vintage budvases.

What did the wedding day location shoot in the distillery district and cherry beach add to your wedding experience?

The decision to incorporate  both locations into our wedding day worked out to complement each other so well. We were able to take in the calm of the waters and earthy elements at the intimate Cherry beach. Married with the vibrant landscape of the distillery district – We felt like celebrities walking through with our bridal party! And of course the vine wrapped back drops and cobblestone pathways was another perfect nod to that old world charm we wanted.

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