Juniper Event Co planned Leslie and Jason’s Airship37 fun beautiful and relaxed camp themed wedding day with gorgeous floral design by Ashley Elaine Florals.

In conversation with Juniper Event Co

What were some of the first conversations with Leslie and Jason like for their wedding and what were some of the best tools you used to keep communication on vision ?

Leslie and Jason had a very clear and unique vision throughout their planning process.

They knew they wanted a bright, fun, and relaxed vibe for the entire day, with pops of vibrant, juicy colour. Ashley Elaine Florals was able to achieve that with her beautiful, whimsical installations.

The two met at Camp when they were just kids, and they wanted to incorporate some of their story into their day, so having a buffet style reception and allowing guests the freedom of sitting where they like really lent to that. I stepped into the planning process to assist with Coordination, but quickly fell in love with their vision, as we discussed even more ways to create a fun and relaxed camp themed day.


Working as a team what are some of the best ways you balance each other’s areas of specialty to offer your clients a wide range of expertise ?

Here at Juniper, we believe in teamwork! I focus on Full Planning, from design to vendor coordination, and Lisa-Marie helps keeps things running smoothly on the day, ensuring everything goes as planned. Lisa-Marie is also our resident graphic designer, creating beautiful stationery and signage for our couples, as she did for Leslie and Jason.

How did you incorporate the vintage bus at airship37 for the wedding day ?

When I first met with the couple, they knew they loved the vintage bus, but had no clue how to incorporate it. We decided to make a fun little candy bar and lounge area, bringing in some neon and marquee signs to go along with the rest of their theme.

What from your perspective are some of the benefits of having the ceremony and reception in the same place and how does this inform the design choices ?

Having your ceremony and reception in the same location makes the day so easy and seamless, not only for you but for your guests!

There’s not travel between location, sorting out parking, and no long lulls of down time. This means the minute after you say “I Do” it’s party time, and who doesn’t love to party?

If you described this wedding in four words what would they be ?

Fun, Vibrant, Whimsical, Carefree

What are some of the key questions you ask your couples before the planning process is underway ?

I always ask about their story… This is step number one for me, and one of the most important questions I’ll ask throughout the planning process. I want to hear how you met, fell in love, what you like to do together, and all the wonderful details about what makes your relationship so special! Your wedding should tell the story of who you are as a couple, so I’ll infuse these elements into your decor, stationery, and even your menu in a unique yet timeless way.

Did you do all the graphics and design for the wedding as well…. in that case how does creating the graphics and signage in-house contribute to the cohesiveness of the wedding design?

Yes, we did! We created some beautiful signs for the couple’s welcome table and bar.

When our Design clients allow us to create a custom suite and signage, it will always look more cohesive, since we are working from the same mood-board and colour palette.

This gives Lisa-Marie and I ample time to bounce ideas off of each other to ensure the look and feel lends to the rest of the design, and everything looks just right!

Some questions with Ashley Elaine Floral designers 

How did Leslie and Jason present their wedding vision to you and how did you develop it for them ?

Leslie and Jason were so wonderful to work with. Leslie had seen my work from another wedding I did at Airship and, in our initial consultation, told me how much she loved the colours as well as the setup. They wanted to have a similar setup that included a modern but organic feeling arch for them to be married under as well as an interesting hanging feature to bring some colour to the lofty ceilings in the space. Their main requirement was that the flowers be bold and colourful using lots of vibrant coral tones along with peaches and pinks and Leslie shared a few images that gave me a good idea of the colours that she liked. Beyond that they were very trusting of me and my design style and gave me the freedom to create something unique for them.  In our last follow up call I had described my idea for the hanging feature but other than that it was a surprise for them which was fun!

What made you the happiest about your work when it was all set up?

I think what made me the happiest about this setup was that it turned out even better than how I had imagined it in my mind. There have been many hanging designs in the space but I think it still felt different from others I’ve seen which was important to me. It can be a little daunting when your client gives you so much freedom with the design because you just want to do the best job possible and for them to love it. Once we had tidied up and stepped back to take it all in I knew they would.  Also that none of the flowers wilted, I think it may have been one of the hottest days of the summer! 

The wedding ceremony and reception both take place in the Hangar at Airship37. How does this inform your wedding design when you are in an industrial modern space like this?

I actually really like that both the ceremony and the reception use the same space. You have to think about how something designed for the ceremony can flow into the reception setup or even how some of the arrangements or designs for the reception can be used to further accent the ceremony allowing for all the flowers to really shine throughout the evening.

The space itself is a dream to work in because it’s so bright and fresh. The white walls and tall ceilings make for a clean backdrop that you can bring any colour palette into with confidence that it won’t clash with any interior features. Which means you can really get creative with your designs. It’s always fun to try and bring something new into the space!

There was a beautiful immersive feel to the wedding style as the florals were integrated into every aspect of the design, How did you accomplish this?

Thank you so much! I think when you have a space that is used for both the ceremony and reception it’s really important that there is some sort of focal point that is carried throughout. In this case it was the spheres that hung from the ceiling. The design and where they were positioned was considered for each stage of the event and how the room would transition. In the ceremony, they followed the line of the aisle leading up to the arch. In the reception they hovered over a pair of long tables and when dinner was finished the guests danced the night away underneath them!

Where did you source the flowers for this stunning wedding ( were they local and seasonal ) and what were some of the considerations for accomplishing such an integrated design?

I personally love arrangements that have lots of variety and textures and since Leslie & Jason wanted such a colourful palette I actually had a hard time deciding on what to include! I started with roses because there are just so many varieties available and they hold up so well in all kinds of designs. I also used a number of locally grown flowers such as peonies, yarrow, garden roses and cosmos to add in some texture and variety in the colour palette.

I love supporting local growers whenever I possibly can! With all the warm tones ranging from pinks and peaches to more vibrant oranges and a buttery yellow, it reminded me of a bold sunset and I’d happily work in that kind of palette again!

photography : Claudia Hung from Mango Studios