Toronto Bride Alexandra and husband Fraser share designing their Gorgeous Airship37 wedding  working with Pretty Plans and From The potting shed beautifully captured by Scarlet O’Neill Photography.

What were your biggest priorities for your wedding day experience?  

Our biggest priority was that our guests had a good time.  We didn’t want anything too formal and we wanted everyone to just enjoy themselves and share in the love and festivities.

For the two of us, our biggest priority was being able to enjoy the day as well.  We completed all of our photos before the ceremony so we could be a part of cocktail hour with our friends and family.  We didn’t want to miss a moment of the party!

What were your first impressions of the wedding design set up in the wedding Hangar when you saw it  moments before your nuptials? 

Awe!  It looked even better than we had envisioned. We were so happy with the end result and were thrilled to get the chance to see it alone before everyone else came into the room.  It was pretty special to have the whole room to ourselves for a few minutes to soak it all in.

What was your inspiration for having a circular configuration for your wedding ceremony and what was the best part of this choice?  

We can’t take the credit for it unfortunately!  We saw a photo of another Airship37 couple who had done the same thing and we felt it suited our day as well.  We liked the idea of our loved ones surrounding us – no matter which direction we looked during the ceremony we saw someone we loved.  No one had to pick a side and everyone had a different view of the ceremony.  It felt very intimate to us.

What attracted you to the Airship37 venue and what were some of the design references and inspirations for your wedding day vision? 

We saw about five venues before Airship37 and we knew the second we walked in that this was the venue for us.  We instantly fell in love with the Hanger – it was a blank slate that had so much potential.  It felt open and welcoming and we knew it would be the perfect space for the celebrations.  We also loved the outdoor space.  The lawn games during cocktail hour felt very authentic to us as a couple so we were happy that there was a space that allowed for that.  And we also loved the old airstream bus.  We turned it into a “Scotch and Cigar Bar” and our guests loved it!

What was the best part of working with Pretty Plans and what as a result would you recommend to a newly engaged couples to think about in their planning process?  

Pretty Plans was one of the best wedding investments we made.  The month leading up to the wedding she kept us on track with plans, but the day of is really when we really saw the value.  She provided such a calming presence and it felt like she had been a part of our lives for years, not days.  We would 100% recommend Pretty Plans to other couples as it allowed us to go into our wedding day feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy the celebrations.

How fun that you had your dog as part of your wedding day! How did you plan for including your furry friend?  

This was the first question we asked every venue – are we allowed to bring our dog?   We knew we wanted her as part of our day, but as a rescue dog we weren’t sure how she would handle all the people.

Knowing she would be a bit timid, we coordinated details with our dog walker to make sure she had a quick escape if things didn’t go well.  But we had nothing to worry about – she walked down the aisle proudly wearing her “dog of honour” flower collar.   Our day wouldn’t have been complete without her there and we are so thankful for the amazing photos Scarlet captured of the moment.

Sharing all the amazing wedding details with Pretty Plans Wedding & Event Coordination

” The whole process starts with a personal consultation where we get to know the two of you– your style, your stories, what’s important for you both on your big day. We take this time to get to create a bond that will in turn become a “mini relationship” throughout one of the biggest events of your lives. ” Pretty Plans Wedding & Event Coordination

What do you feel are some of the reasons you created such an impressive impactful design for Alexandra and Fraser?

With only working with Alexandra and Fraser for the Month of Coordination, the design was set in stone from a gorgeous vision that Alexandra had curated. From there, I assisted Alexandra with the logistics behind the vision and ensuring that this image she was picturing was able to come to reality without any hiccups along the way. Alexandra working in events herself had an amazing work ethic and was very realistic with budgeting, design and overall fruition of the ideas she had. However, every Bride always needs a little assistance near the end to make sure it comes together exactly how they are wanting during execution!

What are some of the biggest elements that are involved in a meticulous planning process ?

When planning with a Bride – the first thing you need to accomplish is to have an understanding of their level of commitment to the designing, researching and overall planning of the wedding itself. If they have a full time job that takes up most of their time, than doing all of the leg work for a wedding is just too much on a person and a relationship. For a situation like this, we definitely suggest to let us take the reins and have our Brides just make the final decisions while we do all of the research and sifting through different options.

Once you have established your level of planning with the couple, you can gauge how you can best assist without overstepping or creating a “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation. If you have a Bride like Alexandra who is very intuitive with planning and overall a very organized person, the wedding planning from an outside source might not be as vital for the entirety of the duration. However, as mentioned, almost every Bride will need some help along the way with making sure that they have checked off everything on their list and have not missed any big logistical pieces throughout the big day.

The planning process should feel like a second set of eyes and with Alexandra it was exactly like that! She had the vision and we just assisted her with bringing this masterpiece to life and ensuring that she was actually able to enjoy the day fully without any worry.

Alexandra and Fraser had a beautiful sign that said “Together We Have Everything”. How do you feel this heartfelt sentiment was translated into the wedding day and expressed and shared with the wedding guests?

The entire day was filled with so much love and unity throughout both families, every couple in the room and of course Alexandra and Fraser. They have been together for quite some time and this union was just the icing on the cake to an already perfect and long-lasting relationship – even before the rings. This couple has endured years together with ups and downs and it really showed through that day that they were there for each other whole heartedly. Their friends and family, as you can see in all of the pictures, felt the exact same way.

What were some of your first impressions of the Airship37 space and how did you optimize its attributes in your planning and design?

With working at Airship 37 many times before, I have always had a soft spot for this venue. The open concept and beautiful light that comes in during the day time really emulates the bright and beautiful day that Alexandra and Fraser had.

The relaxed indoor and outdoor space allows couples to feel comfortable and feel more at home than a more traditional ballroom and sets the tone to an inviting event. The main goal for Alexandra and Fraser was to have all of their friends and family be surrounded by simple beauty and love throughout the day. The simplistic, organic décor that the couple had added definitely and the vendors executed, definitely achieved this for all.

The wedding design including an abundance of greenery including large impressive plants. What was the motivation for this choice and how did it inform the rest of the design process? 

The florals were from an amazing talent called “From the Potting Shed” and were hands-down the focal of the space. From the simple table centrepieces with lots of romantic candles, to the overhead greenery chandelier, this space was transformed to feel like you were in a beautiful wild garden in the middle of downtown Toronto.

The white and green colour palette included many different varieties and had a beautiful visually complex look including the cascading floral table runner . How did you achieve this?

The florist that they used on the day had a great eye for detail when selecting thick and lush greens to create this vision. The cascading floral runner over the edge of the Head Table was important to have to ensure that the Bride and Groom’s Table (along with their Bridal Party members) looked unique in comparison to the Guest Tables since the table itself was in amongst the others. The Bride and Groom wanted to achieve a seamless look between all tables but also wanted to have something slightly more special for their table to set them apart.

As for the guest tables, it to tied in so nicely with the remainder of the décor and had lots of warmth coming from the added candles. Instead of spending a ton of the decor cost on florals and lush blooms, the focus was really on the organic greens and ensuring that this simplistic look was achieved through minimalistic centrepieces.

What were some of the choices in planning the wedding day that paid off the most in terms of a fabulous wedding guest experience?

The overall venue was probably their best selection! The outdoor component with lawn games and activities for all on such a nice day was a huge factor and having both inside and outside available to them created a warm and inviting feeling throughout. Another large component was having an extra set of hands (myself alongside the amazing team at Berkeley Events) to ensure that the food kept coming and the drinks were flowing!

This was a big element of the day that was important to the Bride and Groom and a top priority for myself and the team at the venue. You can see for yourself that all of the guests including the Bride and Groom were just having an overall care-free time and this helped towards this!

What are some of the experiences  you seek out in your down time to grow your perspective for your career?

Searching for new design ideas on Pinterest and Instagram from weddings all around the world! The dream is to become a planning and design team down the road and build this with incredible ideas we see along the way.

All weddings are unique and can have different flares to them and making sure that we can help design beautiful weddings like Alexandra did with her wedding as well as ensuring that the vision can actually come to life is the dream!

Pretty Plans Wedding & Event Coordination

Scarlet O’Neill Photography.

From the Potting Shed florals