Mo and Co Events shares a unique and fabulous Airship37 Toronto wedding for Victoria and Peter beautiful styled with floral designs from Rikki Marcone Events captured by Toronto Photographer Ryan Bolton.
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Airship 37 is the only contemporary Toronto venue of its kind and a unique space for modern uniquely styled weddings.

What phrase would you use to describe the wedding style of Victoria and Peter?

Simplistic, artistic, unique and fabulous.

What drew Victoria and Peter to the Airship37 venue for their wedding day and how did you leverage the attributes of the space to achieve the beautifully styled wedding ?

This venue absolutely screamed, them! They are trendy, creative, city kids and with their creative visions- this blank slate downtown gem was perfect for them. They were able to bring their vision to life and combine their wants of some outdoor and industrial vibes in all of the different spaces.

What did you add in as a counterpoint that juxtaposed the modernist design choices?

We were embracing all of the blank slate vibes of the room and the concrete floors, walls, etc. but this really brightened up the space and was a great extension of the greenery and florals that the talented Rikki Marcone installed behind the couple. It gave them a clear “aisle” and almost had a runway vibe to it- it was so much fun!

How do you feel the wedding photographer captured effectively and beautifully the look and feel of the wedding decor and all the interior design elements? 

Ryan Bolton is an old friend of mine- he is an actual photography god. He can bring any vision to life and has a way of being able to have viewers feel the vibes and moments so perfectly just through one photo.

He took advantage of the beautiful distillery as a whole, let the wedding party have an absolute blast roaming through the streets and being bad ass in leather jackets and having so much fun- anyone viewing their photos can feel this- it’s beautiful. It helps that Ryan is a Toronto guy himself- he was able to make use of the area and use the cobblestone streets, brick walls, signage, furniture, everything- to bring their photo dreams to life for their big day. We also planned an engagement session with Ryan months before the wedding (which I always suggest) for the couple to get to know him!

What were some of the wishes Victoria and Peter had for their wedding ceremony and how did these priorities  inform the choices you made with them?

They wanted it to be FUN! I heard over and over again from wedding party and guests, WOW that was a FUN ceremony (said rarely anyone ever, am I right?) This wasn’t just something on the list they wanted to cross off that “had” to be done during the day- they truly made the best of it. Their song selections were light and fun and anyone who was there will even tell you the bridesmaids were busting moves during the signing. One of my favourite intimate moments with the couple is when they walk back down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife, I’m often the first person they see! They were in tears and laughing and crying and dancing and Peter said, “wow that was so fun!” and it truly brought me to tears. That’s the way it should be! Always!

You extended the modern industrial aesthetic of the space by adding  a white flooring into the ceremony and reception space. This bold choice extended the industrial feel of the space. How did you work so effectively with the floral designer to leverage this choice for the finished wedding design? 

I cannot take any credit for this- this was the bride’s vision brought to life. Victoria worked tirelessly with Rikki to bring this vision to life.

She knew what she wanted and truly designed a style and space that she could be in and LOVE for the entire day.

What is the story of Victoria’s beautiful wedding dress and her lovely evening dress for the fun and dancing?

I was lucky to have grown up with Victoria- I’ve known her for years and I was not at all surprised by Victoria’s choice for a night dress. This girl can tear up the dance floor and I did not put it past her to just want to be comfortable and have fun. It is truly the forte’s middle name, they’re a blast.

The idea of having her beautiful white elegant gown for her ceremony and dinner truly was what Victoria is, such a beautiful elegant soul inside and out- but bringing out the sequins allowed her to rock out, have a blast, dance the night away, eat mcdonalds- do it all! As it should be- it was THEIR day 🙂


How do you feel the design worked from all of the perspectives and vantage points in the venue and sustained its appeal throughout the entire wedding celebration. What were some of the key things that were done in the planning process to achieve this?

The biggest takeaway from this wedding that I had from a coordination perspective in terms of bringing the vision to life for all vendors and for the bride and groom was USE YOUR VENDORS. So often I see couples trying to save money by opting out of set up, tear down, rentals, etc. I don’t mind taking on more to help them save money where possible but I am by no means a jack of all trades- i’m a coordinator. Achieving the design and making the day work flawlessly really is done by having each vendor do their part and be responsible for their items- then we all work together. We truly had the dream team for this one.

Our 90 minute flip of the ceremony space to reception was magical and only possible by all of us working together- the florist, catering, venue, myself and my team, DJ, we even were all so pumped before we asked guests to come enter that we decided to do an impromptu room reveal with the bride and groom. This would’ve been hectic, missed and probably overlooked and not done if we didn’t all work together to achieve a wicked design and room set up. This allowed all of us to celebrate together- WITH the bride and groom, so special.

The sculptural floral designs worked as a ceremony alter, a fabulous photo setting and then a focal point for the seated dinner. How was this decided upon and what were some of the best things about what it contributed?

Again, This was all our talented bride working with Rikki to create a vision and design. She’s a smart woman for using it through the night. I always tell people -you’re designing something, you’re paying for it, USE IT! I’m the biggest fan of moving and reusing arrangements and we did exactly that for Victoria and Peter’s big day 🙂

What was the process for creating your stunning tablescapes and what did the elevated floral arrangements add to the overall aesthetic?

The room as mentioned was a blank slate, and high ceilings, and we were back in the same room that we were in for the ceremony so it was important to give it a new feel so that guests felt like they were coming into a new space. This elevation gave the small, intimate room set up a larger feel with different levels. SO beautiful.

You so effectively used the whole venue space, setting the greeting table outside beside the vintage trailer and using the Gooderham Lounge space effectively as a comfortable lounge. How did you plan to utilize the space so effectively?

This was a last minute decision. Victoria and Peter and I had talked a lot before the wedding about having a plan, doing our best to stick to that plan but also asking them to trust me that we will move things around if and where need be. They told me to “do my thing!” So when it was bright and sunny on that October Saturday, of course we made use of the space outdoors! People were soaking up what was left of Fall. We even moved around some furniture out on the terrace so that it welcomed the guests a little warmer. I always arrange items to have guests move to where the next “thing” is.. so if we wanted them to go into the hangar for the ceremony, I knew the best way to get them over there was to draw them over to the recieving table for card drop and guest book signing.. If we wanted them to see and make use of the trailer space, we had to get their attention over there.

When we wanted them to move into the reception space we put the seating chart near the doorway so that they would also make their way over there. Guests at a wedding go where the people go and where they’re told to go- we want it to be a simple and mindless experience for the guests and not be confused about what to do and where to go next.

What were some of the ways you feel the wedding experience incorporated the unique personalities of Victoria and Peter and made it seamless and enjoyable?

The clients and their attitude and outlook make the world of a difference. You could have rain on your wedding day and it would be completely out of your control- your experience in life and on your wedding day is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Just like any wedding day, things come up! There were dress malfunctions, late night food delivery mishaps, guests unable to show up last minute, but because Tor and Peter had trust in me that we would make things happen in the background, they didn’t know any of these hiccups were happening. They sat back, enjoyed, and truly trusted all of us to make the day the best we could for them behind the scenes and bring their vision to life.

One of the memorable unique moments was Peter singing to victoria on their wedding day to kick off the reception. He even tried to pull a fast one on me, bugger! Of course I found out through his friend, the DJ that he had arranged to sing Tor one of their favourite songs after their first dance. They all rocked out together and I often watch the video of all of them signing while Peter serenaded her! It’s such a magical moment.

Their first dance was to the song Love On Top by Beyonce- and let me tell you… This might be the best first dance i’ve ever seen. They had SO much fun with it. I keep using this word to describe their day but seriously they never stopped smiling and enjoying each moment. It was so beautiful to watch and be a part of. Yes I was that “professional” wedding coordinator crying during speeches, them walking down the aisle, and their first dance. Guess that just means I truly love what I do. It is because of couples like Tor and Peter that I truly do love this profession. Not for a minute at their wedding did it feel like work.

Some Insights with Riki Marcone Events 

“From bouquets and centrepieces to arbors and large-scale installations, Rikki Marcone Events caters to clients who regard flowers as cultural and artistic expression.”

Michelle from m and co events said that “I’m the biggest fan of moving and reusing arrangements and we did exactly that for Victoria and Peter’s big day 🙂 What were some of the best decisions you made in the floral design that was designed to work so effectively for the ceremony and the reception?

We were lucky to have the same focal wall act as the backdrop for the ceremony and the head table. Playing up this wall allowed us to reuse the ceremony arch and greenery on the wall to frame Victoria + Peter and their entire bridal party later in the evening as they sat at the head table.

What were some to the best design decision that Victoria and Peter made that created the most impactful design in the modern space? 

4 months before the wedding, Victoria texted me and said she wanted greenery on the wall. I said, “I’m in!”. The ceremony arch stood beautifully on its own, but the addition of the greenery on the wall continued that wild, organic feel throughout more of the space. Also, their use of colour! A lot of couples stick with more neutral palettes (reasonably so as neutrality is easier to work with and never goes out of style) but Victoria and Peter opted for bolder, fall tones. This made their design really stand out against the white walls.

The design decision to extend the white gallery look of the space with vinyl white flooring made the colour palette of the florals pop so effectively. What was the process for establishing the colour palette?

Victoria came to me knowing that she wanted colour and fall tones. She gave me her vision but trusted me to play around and put my own creative spin on it. To me, floral design is an art form that goes beyond Pinterest regurgitation. I strive to make each design unique for each unique couple. Knowing that Victoria appreciates my work and trusted my professional judgement only enhanced the creative process. Fall colours are my favourite to work with so this palette was truly a joy for me! The incorporation of local, Ontario blooms and copper foliage really made the colours pop.


You created an inspired design mixing and matching the boutonnieres to create a playful design. How was the inspiration for this fun inclusion?

I am not a fan of symmetry or pieces being too “matchy” when it comes to any of my designs – boutonnieres being no exception to this.

My brand is about embracing the imperfections of nature so I really enjoy making each boutonniere slightly different from each other to reflect flora at her wildest. I find this to be more pleasing to the eye, gives a little more depth and interest to your wedding photos, and helps encompass all the colours and textures of the wedding palette. This is something I do with almost all of my clients and most are on board with it!

How did you arrive at the choices for the tablescape design with Michelle and the couple?

Our original idea for the room was to have all low centrepieces, but after contemplating the height of the ceiling, we decided it best to have a combination of high and low. This brought more dimension to the room and played well off the height of the head table backdrop. It gave the room a feeling of grandeur and created more visual interest with the two centrepiece styles.

Mo and Co Events

Florist : Rikki Marcone Events 

Photographer Ryan Bolton

Venue : Airship37

On Third Thought Gelato

Wedding Videographer : Dimi Studios

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