Moore Photography photographed the super stylish love filled wedding of Daina and Kirk in downtown Toronto at the modern industrial venue Airship37.

Daina and Kirk had a lot of fun with their playful stylish wedding posters in the Airship37 lightboxes. How did the wedding style inform your photography?

Love and acceptance and the best of friends and family coming together to celebrate.  Friends were so important for both of them… friends basically helped plan their wedding… I am Daina’s old  high-school friend from Moose Jaw, the flowers, DJ, officiant and so on… all close friends of both of them.

You created a stunning day of wedding portraits of the couple in unique spots around Airship37. How did you select these locations and what do you attribute to the success of the photographs?

What a beautiful and unique location for me.  Both modern and classic… The unique things that stood out to me were the bus outback, the string lights out back and then the cool purple uplighting in the reception venue during the ceremony.  I certainly wanted to create some creatives in the neat black hallway, but constant traffic and people having a great time making that hard all night, LOL!  And then the distillery and area were so nice to photograph in… especially with the busy crowds of people adding to the fun.

You photograph wedding  guests with a stunning intimate documentary feel. What are some of your techniques for this success?
I work hard to be as friendly and inviting as possible morning to night to build trust with my camera and the subjects in front of them.  I like to get close to my subjects when photographing them… to do that, I need to be accepted by the, gain their trust.  It was a fun group of people so it wasn’t hard at all.  All of the guests are watching me photograph the wedding ceremony… getting close, they know the couple trusts me… so by the time the dance floor is open, I have already been “invited” into their world and can get close and capture not only what they looked like, but what they were feeling.
How does this quote apply to your experience of photographing wedding days. “things usually don’t develop quite as imagined but that often leads to the best work. Esther Teichman
That is exactly how I work… don’t hold too many expectations or you will be disappointed.  Eyes open and cameras up… embrace the surprise… have an open mind… capitalize on the uniqueness of the people in front of you instead of steering them into a boring Pinterest wedding board;)
How did you achieve the amazing film look in your photographs?
I work to use good equipment to get my photos in-focus with vibrant colors and beautiful moments.
How would you describe the wedding ceremony and what was your approach to capture it?
It was a beautiful sunny day all day… and the sunlight coming into the ceremony location before the ceremony was beautiful.  However… I knew the sun would set before the ceremony and it would be dark.  It is a beautiful venue… but without creating some “depth” to the photographs by adding my own lighting… the ceremony scene could come out flat.  So I set up a few flashlights in the right spots for the important moments of the ceremony.  It was a dark and dramatic room when the sun went down… I wanted to capture that too.  So I used my own lights for that when needed.
You created some very interesting angles and points of view in creating the album, What are some of the things you consider when framing your shots?
People, emotions and context… I do follow many photojournalistic rules regarding body parts, and not cutting certain body parts out of photos and including what is right in the photos.  For example… many photographers jump to photograph a subject who is crying just because it is an emotional moment.  Which is nice… but I want to include context… why is that person crying? where is the person, what is the person doing?  So I work with my angles to quickly add layers and context to a photo to answer that.  My goal for all of my photographs is to try to tell more than one story if I can.
How did photographing as a team accelerate the success of the wedding album?
Yes, my photographer Julie was a huge help… she was amazing… capturing alternate angles and moments during the ceremony and reception, helping me with lighting and managing wedding party members and guests when I was working with the couple.
“It’s not that I don’t care about content, but the content is not the only way a photograph has meaning” James Welling. What do you think about this quote in relation to how you approach photography?

That content is only one element of a good photograph… I also strive to capture the emotion, meaning and correct framing in every photograph.

How do you bring the fun photography techniques of  adventure and travel into your wedding day photography style ?
We traveled, LOL!  We wanted to capture as much of the city they love as possible… so we went to their favorite places to have coffee and fun and found high rooftops to capture the Toronto skyline in the photos do.
Why did Daina and Kirk select Airship37 for their Toronto wedding venue  and how did you highlight the attributes they liked about the space into your photography?
It was an all-inclusive venue that offered great service and allowed them to add elements that they wanted without the hassle many other venues seem to have.  With this venue. it was very easy for them to “make it their own” without being told they were not allowed. Plus, the venue is in the heart of their favorite city.
What made this wedding unique for you to photograph?

My best friend getting married to his best friend and meeting all of their amazing friends throughout my visit. 

I DO NOT get to photograph many same-sex marriages, maybe once a year if I’m lucky.  And they are beautiful.

What were some of the best choices Daina and Kirk made for their wedding that you felt positively impacted the wedding experience?
First, their venue was perfect… added elements of their most favorite thing, travel… their posters and their wall display of travel together.  They had an amazing officiant that made things really fun and unique and they passed around a rock they took from one of their travel adventures together and passed it around for all the guests to bless during the ceremony.  delicious food stations were a great idea… the food was amazing and it was more of a cocktail-hour kind of dinner where people could sit where they want or hang out in the hall or the other room or even outside under the stars.