Karin Wu & Co with Euclid Design Co. present the exquisite design, styling and planning of Joanna and Bryan’s Airship37 Toronto wedding beautifully photographed by Daring Wanderer .

How would you describe the wedding style that Joanna and Bryan first expressed to you? 

I  would describe the wedding style as modern and industrial.

What is the best part of having a background in project management when it comes to helping couples achieve their dream wedding day ?

With my background in project management, I have been exposed to numerous situations involving tight deadlines, coordination with various team members and mitigating or resolving issues that arise. I feel my background gives me the opportunity to use what I have learned and apply it to planning weddings. I use the tools and resources that I use day-to-day to achieve project success, and these tools transition well into helping couples achieve their dream day.

Airship37 is a modern industrial venue  what made your couple chose it and how did this transform the choices they made with you ?

Airship37 was the perfect space for my client’s wedding day as it’s an industrial venue that allowed us to create a beautiful backdrop on a blank canvas wall.

How did Joanna’s wedding dress from loverland fit the style of the wedding so perfectly?

Joanna’s dress fit the style as it’s flowing, elegant and sophisticated design.


How did the floral designs and installations inform the whole design concept in the space ?

With the design being modern yet industrial chic, the floral designs and installations helped achieve this look by adding pops of colour, greenery and wood accents to an already industrial yet modern venue.

In conversation with Euclid Design Co

Designs inspired by geometry in copper and flowers, created for wedding and home. Based in Toronto and Grey County.


You talk about looking to flowers to know the time of year how did this have special meaning in the wedding of Joanna & Bryan?

September is a really special time of year, with a bounty of summer and fall flowers coming together all at once. Bringing in these flowers helped to connect their wedding to the amazing city and region that they live in. It especially nice to be able to use lots of local dahlias and zinnias in Joanna’s bouquet. Every time we look back to photos of her bouquet, we are seeing amazing flowers that were grown less than an hour’s drive away.


How does creating the beautiful wedding arch  and the floral design throughout the space work effectively for creating such a stunning design?

The space at Airship37 is a great canvas for couples to bring their creative vision to life. Joanna and Bryan walked through the space and were inspired by the thought of bringing in some of the wildness and freedom of the outdoors to warm up the white walls and industrial vibe. They chose such an amazing colour palette to work with the space, and to reflect their fun, vibrant, and joyful personalities.

You also give a shout out to the flower farmers who hard work makes all the flowers possible. How does having a relationship and understanding of the growing process inform your design process and how you communicate with your couples about their options?

Working closely with local flower farmers is a joy. Understanding the growing process starts way before a wedding date, sometimes stretching into the winter months when growers are planning what to grow next year. For my design process, this means getting a sense of what’s going to come up in fields many months down the road, and connecting this to the creative vision that a couple has for their special day.

I usually communicate with couples that I work with using the example of food. Many of us are very interested in our food these days, and place a lot of value on eating and sourcing local, because we enjoy the quality, the hard work that it takes to produce this quality, and the environmental benefits of a sustainable food system. This is the approach that I use when it comes to a couple’s wedding flowers, even if it’s just for a few varieties of their flowers.

How did you work effectively with Karin Wu and Co designing and planning team to make the floral designs so well integrated with the full wedding design?

Working with Karin was great. Karin’s got the kind of mind that understands how details fit together that I just can’t grasp! She helped Joanna, Bryan, and me connect on various occasions to refine the floral vision and ensure that it was well-integrated into the rest of the wedding. Karin and her team always maintain open lines of communication and know the right questions to ask. I think Karin and I have a similar approach to helping couples make decisions, which also helped us to work together well. We both believe in giving people the information they need to make the right choice for their needs.

Wedding Planner : Karin Wu And Co

Florist Euclid Design Co

Photography : Daring Wanderer 

Officiant:  My Wedding Officiant 

Wedding Dress:  Loverland

Calligraphy : Rem Creative 

Ice Cream Cart: Mr Wilsons Ice Cream

DJ: Peter-Eli Gonzales