STORI Events a boutique event planning company based in Toronto created a joyous stylish wedding at 1871 Berkeley Church that was inspired by the couples unique style and passions beautifully captured by Page & Holmes .

The wedding reception at the Berkeley Church was on the main floor and the mezzanine. How did you keep the intimate quality of the wedding even thought it was a large wedding?

It all started with the venue. We needed a space that had character and personality. 

The wedding moved guests from St. Mary’s Church to Berkeley Church, where cocktail hour took place in their exposed brick basement & adjacent patio. Dinner was held on the main floor and upper mezzanine, which allowed for a cosier atmosphere that felt more engaging and personal. 

Decor and dimmed lighting was essential to help create a more intimate ambience. The use of candles was extremely effective, as well as the predisposed string lighting & Berkeley Church up-lights, which helped to highlight the building’s historic features. 

We also had an assortment of entertainment for guests; this included a performance by Café Cubano, a local Latino band, traditional dances, a DJ & some fun drinking games. 

All of these components helped to bring together the divided spaces, which in turn, brought together all the invited friends and family. 


How involved was your couple with the details of the wedding choices such as the specific choice of wedding flowers?

The Bride and Groom were equally involved in every major decision pertaining to the wedding day from start to finish. 

Their focal flower of choice was the Anthurium, a lush heart-shaped flower that has strong architectural form. Anthuriums can be expensive so we incorporated one stem as the focal floral per bouquet & table arrangement. It was paired with baby’s breath, soft blush roses and mixed greens. 

What do you think is the primary reason for the wedding couple’s choice to have their wedding reception at Berkeley Church and how did you highlight this decision in the wedding planning and design?

It’s a rare and historic venue in Toronto, which we loved. 

The venue has authenticity due to the wear-and-tear throughout the building and the dim lighting and in-house decorations enhance this atmosphere. The Berkeley Church team is also incredibly accommodating and thorough.

What are some of the key choices you have found help couples get their dream actualized for their wedding while staying on budget?

Prioritizing. We must constantly revisit both our vision board and projected budget. This allows us to stay on target and consider what areas we could cut back on without losing sight or compromising on the personality and taste of the wedding. 

Resourcefulness. It’s all about being resourceful. We find great joy in working to shape the client’s vision for their special day, all while respecting their budget and wedding inspiration. 

You used the wine cellar in the Berkeley Church to its full potential for the cocktail section of the Berkeley Church?

A cocktail hour is a sequence of events that can be quickly neglected and become hectic, especially in smaller spaces. We decided to incorporate instrumental music while the drinks and appetizers were being served which helped to create an enjoyable ambience where everyone could mingle freely and calmly. 

In order to tie in the Bride and Groom’s culture and personal tastes, they decided to customize and stock their own bar in the wine cellar. 

What was a decision you made with the couple that you feel paid off the most on the wedding day?

“La Hora Loca”. (The Crazy Hour). 

The Bride and Groom brought to our attention, a month prior that they would love to incorporate a Latin tradition that began in Venezuela called; “La Hora Loca” 

Just like the name implies, it’s the most fun hour of the evening. “La Hora Loca” generally comes as a late-night surprise to wedding guests. It’s a party within a party! 

We decided on hiring Café Cubano as our special performers for the evening.
The Bride and Groom provided giant hats with different designs and textures such as feathers and sequins. There were also masks and various other accessories for guests to wear while dancing. 

How would you describe the wedding style that you created in the space?

A romantic wedding theme seemed appropriate for a day filled with so much love and appreciation.

To achieve this theme, we opted for a light and airy colour palette, the focal colour being green. We also opted for flickering candlelight and a magical canopy of lights that mimic a star-filled night sky. It was the perfect canvas for this wedding. 

How did the couple express what they wanted their guests experience to fell like? How did you plan for this to be fufilled?

The couple made it very clear that they wanted this to be the best party of their lives! Entertainment was a crucial factor so we worked to customize the entertainment to fit the couple’s personal style. 

Hiring Café Cubano as our special performers for the evening definitely gave the guests a memorable experience. Nothing brings family and friends to the dance floor more than live performances of some of their favourite songs. 

When you saw the wedding album what was your impression of the album and how do you feel the wedding experience was captured?

Page and Holmes are truly in a league of their own as wedding photographers. They have the most personable approach in everything they do and they know how to make a client feel comfortable. Both Kris and Andrea, co-founders and photographers at  Page & Holmes, go above and beyond to make sure that they capture the wedding day honestly and naturally. They embrace every moment. 

We were speechless when we received the album. Every image is beautifully constructed. Page and Holmes have become friends of ours within the wedding industry and we are incredibly grateful to know them professionally and personally. 

What unique touches were added that you feel told the couples unique wedding story? 

The couple wanted to incorporate treats they love and that represented their individual cultures. This included Churros, Baklavas, and Loukoumades. 

Their Cinnamon Roll wedding cake was also unique with its pillowy spirals of buttery dough filled with hypnotic swirls of warm cinnamon and sweet sugar. 

How does working as a planning team amplify your ability to create a unique wedding experience?

STORI Events approach to weddings and event planning is all about collaboration, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and honesty. Our goal is to create a well-oiled event that translates our client’s love and vision. Laurence and I (Jessy) both believe that the best events are planned with the couple’s peace of mind and trust being foremost. We understand the intricacies of all types of events and our goal is to take the time to get to know our client – their personality and tastes – to create a unique experience that is the foundation of their wedding day. 


Who were some of the vendors you worked with during the planning process and what were some of the best ways you collaborated?

A successful event often relies on the vendors understanding their role and the role of all the other vendors on the team.

Effective collaboration is based on shared information. This improves service delivery, efficiency and stimulates a successful relationship amongst all vendors.

Responsibilities can vary from event to event, so it isn’t safe to just assume that everyone knows what they’re doing. Instead, it’s important to clarify and be aware when assigning tasks. Knowing your role as an Event Planner and the roles of the other vendors. Respect and communication.

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