Wild North Flowers created Lori and Rob’s Airship37 Enchanted Forest Fantasy wedding design beautifully captured by The Hennigars.

How would you describe the floral installation and styling created for this stunning Airship37 wedding ?

The design for this wedding can only be described as enchanted forest fantasy! It was magical and moody, and yet romantic somehow.

We wanted to create something that was very natural and organic but somehow out of this world at the same time. We wanted it to really feel like we brought the “forbidden forest” indoors.

What was the original spark of inspiration from the couple for this design?

Well, L came at me with the coolest vision right from the start. When she said “Harry Potter/Enchanted Forest meets Avatar” I knew I was in 100%! I love when couples have a clear vision of what they want and put their faith in us to make that vision come to life. I love even more, when couples have an extremely unique vision like this one, which gives us the freedom to use product in a new way, and to get our creative minds to innovate the way we build our installations. We really got to stretch our wings with this one!

Photo:Branded By Hand

How do you feel having lush organic materials beautifully designed at your wedding affects the wedding experience ?

Flowers or other organic creations such as the use of plants or small gardens, unique installations, interesting floral centrepieces, etc, can completely transform a space and make guests experience a whole new feeling. There are so many amazing beautiful spaces (just like airship37) that are clean slates- having creatively designed florals takes that space to another level that directly reflects who the couple is and what feeling they are trying to evoke on their day.

Photo: Branded By hand

Where were your organic material sourced for this design and how do you feel connecting with local growers has directly translated to the excellence of your work?

The blooms, greenery, large chunks of bark and moss, branches were sourced 100% locally, from growers in Ontario and from a WNF family member’s property from the forest floor (we try to be as authentic as possible!). It’s important that we keep strong relationships with our local growers and community, because it’s a win win…win for everyone, including the planet. We support our local flower community by using only Ontario grown blooms.

Because of our strong relationships, many of the growers we get product from are willing to work with us to get extra special things for each of our events (some even take requests on what to grow!). By us working together and not using product that is imported, it reduces our carbon footprint.

We take great care to choose each item for our events in a responsible manner, and it really comes through in our creations when those special items are showcased. Each season has something different to offer so our designs are always changing and evolving.

Photo: Branded by Hand
photo : branded by hand
Photo: Branded by hand
photo : Branded By Hand
photo: Branded By hand

What about the Airship37 space was a good fit for the wedding design ?

I think that space was so great for this particular wedding because it is more of a clean and simple space. Had the building been a different style, the feeling of the original vision may not have come through as well as it did.

Photo: Branded By Hand
photo : Branded By Hand

We had a nice clean canvas to create our floral art and to really showcase the installations, making them major focal points and a huge source of the overall mood of the wedding.

How excited are photographers when they find out your team was involved in the wedding design and what is some of the feedback you have gotten?

I think in general photographers like our work because it’s rather dynamic. There are levels and lots of depth to our work. We also create very unique pieces (such as the tree and hanging nest we built for this particular couple), with interesting colour palettes that I think photographers get excited about. Certain things we create may be something they have never seen before, or if it’s something that has been done, they are seeing in a different way, with a different take. This creates excitement, and it allows photographers to connect with their creative selves while shooting our work.

What are some of your go to places for inspiration when you first start a new wedding design ?

I really like this question! First place I go to is the couple. I really want to know what they are interested in and what their personal style is and what overall feeling or emotion they want themselves and their guests to experience at their wedding. For each couple, this is so different. Right from the first stages of design (the proposal and conceptual design I create for them) I try to capture the essence of what each couple wants to feel and see on the day. The next place I go to is the season the wedding will be held….so, I think about what will be available- what’s blooming at that time, what greenery is growing, what colours there are in nature. This will help me get closer to that original vision and start tying things together. Then, of course, I go to Pinterest (who doesn’t??), but I try not to look in all the usual spots- I look for images that evoke a certain mood or feeling that also incorporate the palette, not necessarily just flowers!

What are some of the ways your team manages to work so well together to create the beautifully integrated designs ?

Our team always works together really well when we are executing a wedding- we really hustle to get the job done right and to ensure that everything is perfect every time! It helped to have some extra muscle on this one for rigging, and I had two other senior designers onsite with me who have lots of experience with these special kinds of installations. Each wedding generally has a different team assigned to it. Different weddings require different skill sets, and I taylor the team accordingly.

I think because our couple had such a strong vision for what they wanted, all the vendors really nailed the look and everything looked great together. L really did a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of design and decor and did such a good job choosing her vendors according to her vision!

photo: Branded By Hand

What are some of the wedding design trends you see emerging with your clients that you are the most excited about?

There have been a lot of inquiries for COLOUR (yay!), as well as the inclusion of interesting elements that you don’t typically see very often (such as dried leaves/grasses, etc…) with an emphasis on “flowers as art”. I’m loving the minimalist trend coming through as it means less greenery more blooms!

I think the only thing I want to add is that Lori and Rob were just so lovely to work with. They were gracious and kind to us before and after the wedding, and really took the time to show their appreciation. Lori was organized af and I really appreciate that! It was an honour that they chose us as their florist for such an important day in their life together and if we could do it all over again- we would!


Wild North Flowers

Photography : The Hennigars