CMB Weddings & Events Plans & designs a super fun modern rustic romantic wedding for Angelin and Omesh at Berkeley Fieldhouse captured beautifully by Mango Studios.


What were some of the sources of inspiration you shared with Angelin and Omesh that inspired their wedding style. 

This is a couple full of inspiration and ideas themselves. They came to me with a head full of ideas, plans and concepts. I was basically their brainstorming organizer.

I took their ideas, concepts, plans and refined it, tweeked it just a little and perfect it for them for the day-of.

How did you create the romantic backdrop for the outdoor ceremony and stylistically unify it with the wedding reception design.

The Berkeley Fieldhouse is a vision in its own. It would have been a sin to do anything over the top and lose the essence of the outdoor/ceremony area. The Ceremony Canopy area was simple and perfect for the couple’s vision.

Adding a few elements in and around was just basically the pinch of salt needed for perfection.

What was planned for the wedding guests that contributed to the success of the wedding experience?

The couples wanted a fun, engaged cocktail hour for their guests. They even planned to bring their own TV and video game system, then set it up in the groom’s “treehouse” room. I have an epic picture of the bride and groom captured sharing a gaming moment after they have been announced married.

The couple planned an interactive fun photobooth, simple and a DIY idea. Nothing over the top.

They brought their own Polaroid camera and had their guests take pictures of themselves, leave some for the couple to take home as souvenir as well. They had Giant Jenga as well which was a great hit with their guests.

What three words would you use to describe Angelin and Omesh’s wedding?

a modern rustic romance.

What do you feel is a key question you ask your couples in ascertaining their wedding day priorities ?

What do you REALLY need me for? and i ask them to think about that very carefully… most couples will tell me, to just make my day go smoothly and not have to deal with answering questions or worrying if everything is flowing the way it should. This answer leads me to get all down to the very detail of the detail of the detail – yes i said detail THREE times 🙂 – it’s about breaking down each simply task to the most refined thought behind it and that helps me and the couple to think of everything, plan for it, account for the unexpected and simply be prepared…(and despite all that, there are the countless stories that i had to deal with and the couples never heard about 😉 but that’s what a coordinator is for – for the married couple never have to deal with any of that).

How did you chose the combination of elements in your tablescape design to achieve the perfect design scheme?

This very task is credited to my amazing lead planner on the team, Sarah Wilson (formerly Lombardo before her marriage name). She was tasked to be creative! Go crazy but keep it simple and a good planner knows exactly what that means.

The Bride Angelin had planned to do a minimal floral display on the tablescape and wanted to make use of small vases, all different colors and shades within the same concept. More of a boho-chic with a touch of a modern and rustic, all in one.

Napkin colors complimented the entire spread as it needed to let the vases and flowers stand out. Each vase had one or two flower stems. It couldn’t get any simpler than that, yet the way the vases where spread all down the harvest style tables, made it noticeable by all the guests.

What choices did you make with the couple in the planning stages that you feel paid off on the wedding day? 

The Planning stages were a combination of a couple Skype videos, in-person meeting and finally the rehearsal. We always encourage to have a rehearsal, not just for the ceremony part but also to do a full run-down of the space, decor, setup and help create a final vision for the couple on their day-of. Choices were to make sure the flow of the timeline made sense. We personally helped strategically place certain items the couples brought to the venue and suggested certain placements for several reasons that all led to a better event flow as a whole for example, the couple requested to have family frames along the stairs found in the reception hall room, we added small vases and votives to complete the look and paid close attention to how the frames were placed as well.

It was important to note and work with the couple on the timing between everything. It was important to note the way the music played during the ceremony and the timing for the start of their processional & recessional. We rehearsed the entrance of Angelin over 5 times. we wanted her to be at a certain spot down the aisle, right on that perfect pitch to the song they selected. We helped the couple envision their first dance as well, as they had planned to have fireworks in a circle while they danced in the middle. We helped to think the idea through, plan it and execute it (and make sure all the guests were in a circle with their fireworks sticks lit up 😮 – all credit to my girl Sarah).

It was important to let the DJ know all the transitions as well. The DJ team at Colthrust Entertainment, were fabulous in keeping everything flowing with us on time, including speeches and music breaks.

The wedding graphics were gorgeous, whimsical  and unique. Who created them and how did they work so beautifully with the whole wedding design? 

we personally designed the seating chart for the couple. We took into account the theme already executed, and we translated that into the graphic. The dark theme with the flowers screamed their theme, and we suggested going by table numbers instead of alphabetical break down because it was a smaller wedding guest list. Larger wedding guest lists are always best done by alphabetical order.

The Menus were selected by the bride and groom to be very simple and elegant.

How did you anticipate the light source that would be in the venue and how did you plan the wedding design with this in mind to elevate the whole look and feel ?

The mood was to be romantic – dimmed and smooth, away from too much amber dimming however and a bit more on the brighter note. We simply requested it to be set as so and whenever the speeches were rolling, to make sure the lights were a bit lighter, so that the attention is elevated and the guests are paying a bit more attention to the speakers. It also helped that the linens and napkins were bright, which kept the tables lighter in the darker light settings.

What were some of the personal touches and themes that Angelin and Omesh added to their wedding day design that you feel shared their personalities and passions with their friends and families?

Every Detail of it! anywhere from the photobooth, the tablescape colors and flower decor, to the picture frames on the stairs and the entrance welcome table which had a couple of rustic suitcases, with late 1800 style pictures, a round mini globe, A & D letters and the most memorable part, vintage family & wedding photos from their families. Extremely personable in my opinion.

Angelin and Omesh had the perfect mix of playful and formal wedding day portraits how did they achieve this balance and how did you plan for the photography as part of the wedding day with the couple and the photographer?

i must say both Angelin and Omesh are photographers. This was their area of expertise. They also chose of the best Studios out there, Mango Studios as they were looking to have someone who would understand their vision right away. Their style and character shined through their beautiful engagement photos and i was expecting any less for the wedding photos. as part of the timeline planning process, we made sure that the time allocated for their pictures was just enough for them to get all the shots they wanted and also have enough time to get back to their guests in time for the rest of the evening plan.

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