CMB Weddings & Events  and The Paisley Rose created a stunning  Game Of Thrones Wedding for Kristin and Theo at 1871 Berkeley Church.

In conversation with Nina Santos, Creative Director, Planner & Owner of CMB Weddings & Events.

When Kristin and Theo first approached you what were some of your first conversations about the priorities they had for their wedding?

Kristin and Theo were an extremely organized couple right from the gecko. Theo was absolutely one of the few grooms I have met who was well involved and in hand in the planning with Kristin and both were on the same page with all their decision. It was very refreshing to witness. One of the first conversations was that they both agreed on a theme and have found the perfect florist who would help execute that vision. I am speaking about Jennifer from The Paisley Rose. She is an absolute talent and a creative soul. We have been partners in crime ever since :).

Kristin and Theo wanted to reference The narrative and style of the Game of Thrones for their wedding decor and atmosphere. How did you accomplish this so perfectly? 

My part in this was more of a general concept and vision elements, than the details of it. I was more of a guiding spirit since both the couple and Jennifer from The Paisley Rose had discussed most of the core elements in place to translate the vision into decor. My part was more focused on figuring out how to double up on certain decor items such as ceremony decor wood stumps, lanterns, candles etc. It was important to translate that decor from ceremony to reception flawlessly but with the clients budget in mind. My role was to make sure that would happen.

What was the mood and feeling you created in the mezzanine for the wedding ceremony and what were some of the best choices you made in the planning process?

The Ceremony transition between the mezzanine and the lower main level. Everything had to be done within a limited set time. In addition to moving guests downstairs, we had to plan for moving some decor times to double-up of the savings and make use of more decor items as possible. Again, as much as one would love to take credit for being the genius behind these ideas, in this case, both Theodore & Kristin were the master minds behind doubling up on these elements and suggesting where to place them. CMB Weddings & Events came in with where to strategically place these items, apart from each other. Did it all come together, absolutely! and what a beautifully themed wedding that was, compliments to Jennifer and her team from The Paisley Rose.

What made the Berkeley Church a good setting for this wedding design?

I mean, just look at this venue! it transports you into a movie set just by walking those stairs in the venue and into the Main Hall where Receptions are normally held.  The venue was the perfect vision to embody the wedding theme and decor elements such as the Antlers as candle holders, the moss, the lanterns etc. All items and ideas chosen and credited to the couple Kristin & Theo, in collaboration with Jennifer from the Paisley Rose.

How do you feel the photographer so effectively captured the spirit of the wedding day ?

It takes talent to capture timeless moments and an even greater talent to capture images that are so close to reality as possible. This is what we think of the album 🙂

What were some of the rustic nature inspired elements you created for the wedding design and what did they contribute to the wedding experience?

Jennifer from The Paisley Rose, came up with a combination of colours that reflected a rustic nature that had the depth of creativity needed to illustrate the theme of the wedding: Game Of Thrones meets Romance! What we loved the most is the addition of succulents to the mix of decor, the moss grass and the burgundy candles to the guest tables, all contrasted with black table cloths. BEAUTY!

How would you describe the wedding reception design and how did you create the gorgeous intimate feeling at each table setting?

The hall reception table setting was the perfect translation of mid century romance out of a novel. The elements of succulents, moss, wood slabs, antlers, black table cloths, grey napkins and most importantly a pop of color in the floral arrangements were all necessary to bring the theme to life. Thanks to the very talented Jennifer who was able to translate all of that in a well balanced table setting and most importantly also in the bride’s bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets.

Looking back at the wedding day what are some of the best choices you feel you made with the couple that contributed to the success of the wedding experience ? 

Time management of the timelines was our most effective way to run this wedding at it’s best. Because of the shorter timeline and the fact that everything was happening in the same place, it was crucial to make sure the clients expectations when it came to their time together, the time with guests and the time between everything else went exactly as drafted. We had to look at every detail, and go over it again and again a few times leading up to the wedding. These were the most important moments that helped with us being able to fully project on the day timeline and be able to manage time efficiently between everything. While we had to execute all these elements, we still needed to take a minute here and there to stop and ask the bridal party if they were okay, if the parents were doing okay and if they needed anything and of course our top priority was our couple, to make sure they are enjoying every minute of the day as much possible.

CMB Weddings and Events 

Photographer: Jet Propelled

1871 Berkeley Church

The Paisley Rose