Sari Nisker-Fox is a yoga and mindfulness teacher and purpose coach. In the new year she co-lead with Kimberly Daniels a nutrition and mind set coach in a day retreat called the Invision resolution women’s retreat at the Berkeley Bicycle Club.

Sari Nisker-Fox has lead many leadership trainings and owned a yoga studio and she understands what it takes to create an experience.

“It’s really a chance to connect with your authentic self to have the time to really go inward and learn about what it really takes to manifest what it is you want and create this clear vision for yourself.” Sari Nisker-Fox

Vision boarding and tactile creative exercise worked with the participants intuitive creative side to open some new perspectives.

Kimberly Daniels and Sari-nisker Fox have had the opportunity to run these workshops before in Toronto and New York before. The day retreat included a series of exercises and self enquiry work, a yoga practise and a cocoa ceremony.

Photo by Michele Crokett

Participants also also had a the opportunity to experience essential oils and craft a mala bracelet.

“Through meditation and mindfulness the retreat is an opportunity for women to create a vision for yourself how you want your year to get clear on how they want their year to go and also learn how do you manifest this vision and how to get focus and thats really about getting your mindset set right.” Sari Nisker-Fox

“This day retreat right in the city where can just go and check in and reassess and I only hope that out visions are about leaving a legacy and have some charm and uniqueness. “Sari Nisker-Fox

“When you stumble on support that changes your life, you can’t help but share it with everyone in your orbit.” Sari Nisker-Fox

Sari shared the Do Terra essential oils as an opportunity to create daily rituals of self care into your routines.

“Life after oils is about asking myself what is needed within this moment to support emotions, immunity, physicality, and mindset.” Sari Nisker-Fox

The Invision retreat provided a nutritious plant based lunch.

“I help women who are struggling with living healthy, fulfilled and abundant lifestyles by offering nutritional guidance, mindset shifting, and manifestation practices. That’s right. The food you eat is directly connected to living a beautifully fulfilling life. Say WHAT? Yes, girl, yesssss!” Kimberly Daniels

Kimberly Daniels focuses on steps you can take to build you immunity.

” Everyone is talking about washing your hands & covering your cough (both very important!), but something we need to talk more about is building a strong immune system. We have to work from the inside out. Are you doing everything you can to make sure your immune system is stronger than ever?” Kimberly Daniels

The Invision team is presently leading online workshops to build community and offer helpful resources in these challenging times. (With a sliding scale payment ).

Invision online circle

Sari Nisker-Fox

Kimberley Daniels

Berkeley Bicycle Club

Photography :

Paul McNulty

Michele Crockett Photography

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